Jaybird 5.0.0-beta-1 released for testing

This version is provided for testing purposes only. We’d appreciate your feedback, but we’d like to emphasize that this version is not intended for production.

Jaybird 5 is – from a JDBC perspective – an incremental change from Jaybird 4. However, internally, Jaybird underwent some major changes, the biggest was the removal of JCA (Java Connector Architecture) support.

The major changes and new features in Jaybird 5 are:

Upgrading from Jaybird 4 to 5 should be simple, but please make sure to read Compatibility changes before using Jaybird 5. See also Upgrading from Jaybird 4 to Jaybird 5.

Bug reports about undocumented changes in behavior are appreciated. Feedback can be sent to the Firebird-java mailing list or reported on the issue tracker https://github.com/FirebirdSQL/jaybird/issues.

See also the full Jaybird 5.0.0-beta-1 release notes.

Improved Hibernate ORM Firebird dialect support

Mark Rotteveel created a Ticket and Pull Request for Hibernate ORM to improve Firebird dialect with fixes to a number of issues.

Improve Firebird dialect to fix a number of issues:

  • Typing of aggregates when using parameters
  • Add cast to AVG of integral type
  • Quote identifiers starting with an underscore
  • Correct inverted version check for Boolean support
  • Add or update various supports methods to return correct information
  • Render datetime literals without using JDBC escape
  • Fix rendering of literals with offset at offset 00:00
  • Fix rendering of create index statement
  • Fix rendering of CASE where all when clauses have a parameter to identify type of result
  • Add missing rendering of virtual columns to select list
  • Fix rendering of IN against a parameter

Updated a number of tests so they are either passing for Firebird, or ignored for Firebird.

Elixir driver firebirdex status

This article is published on the 5th day of Firebird Advent Calendar 2022 https://qiita.com/advent-calendar/2022/firebird 

and continues from previus blog from Firebird Advent Calendar 2019 https://nakagami.blog.ss-blog.jp/2019-12-22 (article in Japanese language) .

Elixir’s Firebird driver firebirdex https://hex.pm/packages/firebirdex has some features and bug fixes reported and fixed by @hermanius this year.

Added function

– ping() now works https://github.com/nakagami/firebirdex/pull/1
– charset can be specified as connection parameter https://github.com/nakagami/firebirdex/issues/7

bug fix

– nil conversion error https://github. com/nakagami/firebirdex/pull/2
– tatement after query https://github.com/nakagami/firebirdex/pull/5
– Pending transactions https://github.com/nakagami/firebirdex/issues/6

Thanks to @hermanius for the help.

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