New Flamerobin snapshot available! with a few fixes and features

New Flamerobin snapshot available : version with a few fixes and features:

New features

  • Indexes, Functions, Packages, Global Temporaries, DB Triggers and DDL Triggers supported
  • New localized grid support, allows to use commas or dots for decimal separator (View->Preferences->General: Use language locale settings

Enhancements and Bug fixes

  • Fix Dependency tab not showing Functions and triggers
    -Fix slow opening of remote database

For more info please read commit history log

Firebird 4 Migration Guide

Denis Simonov, editor and contributor of Firebird Language Reference, and also the author of Firebird Developer Guide, has written the “Short Firebird Migration Guide To Firebird 4.0” (also available as PDF):

  1. Manual installation of Firebird 40 on Windows                                             
  2. Converting the database to a new format                                                   
  3. Migrating database aliases                                                                
  4. Migrating user list                                                                       
  5. Configuring Trusted Authentication                                                        
  6. Application-level incompatibilities                                                         

Well, it is not that short: 23 pages of essential information about Firebird 4 migration.
It covers migration from 3.0 and from 2.5, since many people still use 2.5, but plan to jump to 4.0 due to native replication and improved performance.
We are expecting Firebird 4 release very, very soon, so, if you are eager to be the first to try it, download the most recent snapshot, read this Migration Guide, and do the test migration!

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