Full Text Search UDR for Firebird 3 and 4 based on Lucene++

To enhance the Firebird functionality, IBSurgeon has sponsored the development and now released for public use the free open source “IBSurgeon Full Text Search UDR” to perform full text search queries within SQL and PSQL. UDR works with Firebird 3 and 4, for Windows there are ready-to-use binaries, for Linux it is necessary to build the UDR.

The UDR is based on Lucene++ engine, with all the powerful features required for full text search and with very fast performance (build as native C++ library).

The binaries of IBSurgeon Full Text Search UDR, its sources, and documentation are available on GitHub https://github.com/IBSurgeon/lucene_udr

Please download, read documentation, use, provide feedback (via GitHub Issues) and join to its group in Telegram (support and development).

And don’t forget to mark it with star on GitHub!

Python Firebird-driver 1.4.3 released

The firebird-driver package provides official Python Database API 2.0-compliant driver. In addition to the minimal feature set of the standard Python DB API, this driver also exposes the new (interface-based) client API introduced in Firebird 3, and number of additional extensions and enhancements for convenient use of Firebird RDBMS. The driver is written as pure-Python package (requires Python 3.8+) on top of Firebird client library (fbclient.so/dll) using ctypes. Driver supports Firebird version 3.0 and higher.

You can download this driver from PyPI or install it using pip.

See the Changelog for full details.

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