IBProvider News

Hello Everyone!

We came back with new releases 🙂

We have just finished the large revision of our components and we are really glad to announce the following new versions:

  • LCPI EF Core Provider for OLE DB v6.0.8
  • LCPI IBProvider v5.26
  • LCPI OLE DB Services v1.21

You can read about changes in these components at our website – https://www.ibprovider.com/eng/news/n_221110.html

Only for visitors of this resource. We restored our store at PayProGlobal and we would like to test it 🙂

Everyone who will buy or renew a license for IBProvider 32/64bit till the end of this month will get two years of free updates.

With Best Regards, IBProvider Team.

Fixed IB DataPump

Probably almost everyone who have worked with Firebird and Interbase know this nice utility called IB DataPump, from CleverComponents (CC). It is a Windows GUI tool that allows data to be pumped from IB/FB or different RDBMSs to Firebird/Interbase databases.

Unfortunately, the (original old) tool had a problem that avoided pumping to Firebird 3 databases (you got a “list index out of bounds” error). CC seems to have fixed that problem but one of the most useful features is was still broken: the automatic reorder of the tables to avoid broken dependencies based on the existing Foreign Keys!

The good news is that CC open sourced this tool a while ago, and Vlad Khorsun (our fellow Firebird’s Core Developer) was able to fix that problem!

Now you can download the fixed version here.

Thanks, Vlad, for the time spent fixing this problem, and please enjoy my small donation for your work 🙂

Update 03-Nov: Vlad has now published his changes.

Database Workbench 6.1.2 available now!

Upscene Productions is proud to announce the availability of the next release of the popular multi-DBMS development tool:

” Database Workbench 6.1.2″

This release brings support for the latest MariaDB and Oracle versions, as well as additional
features for other database systems.

The initial version 6 release includes many improvements to the user interface and existing tools,
it also brought full Firebird 4 support, PostgreSQL table inheritance and Oracle multi-segmented
expression indices support and the Enterprise edition.

Database Workbench 6 comes in 3 different editions with different pricing models, there’s always a version that suits you!

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