Testing Codeigniter with Firebird

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I’ve been using Codeigniter as my development platform and framework of choice since last year. Being a ten year PHP developer, Codeigner was a refreshing way of coding web apps with PHP.

The first ones developments I did with Codeigniter were using MySQL, a very used database. But since I’ve also been using Firebird SQL Database from ten or more years ago, I decided to give a try to the Codeigniter-Firebird duo.

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Status of PHP PDO_Firebird as of May 2011

Working both with Firebird SQL and PDO (but not yet at the same time) I am interested in the combination of both.
According to the documentation the extension is still in experimental status, but I was still curious about how far it has progressed. I decided to redo the experiments Lorenzo Alberton did in an article in 2006.

I performed these tests on PHP Version 5.3.6 with Firebird 2.5 on a Windows 7 machine.



Meta.com.au Goes Bitweaver and Firebird

Meta has finally converted to Bitweaver and Firebird for website CMS and datastore respectively.
meta has used Joomla for several years to deliver corporate website information and client access to private areas and downloads. But finally Bitweaver has delivered a comprehensive CMS and web application framework backed by Firebird. We regard this as a major advancement in support of Firebird, Bitweaver and the opensource software movement.

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