Extracting glibc info in #Linux to see if is greater or equal with 2.7

Related to previous announcement:If you are on ubuntu and your ubuntu release is greater than Hardy (8.04) you are safe , on other distributions you can determine this way the glibc version
You must run the /lib/libc.so.6 and it will return the glibc version
in the first row.
In ubuntu or any debian based distro

/lib/libc.so.6 | head -n 1
GNU C Library (Ubuntu EGLIBC 2.13-0ubuntu1) stable release version
2.13, by Roland McGrath et al.

in this case glibc is 2.13
and is builded from eglibc sources

another option is dpkg interrogation

dpkg -l libc6

on rpm based distros

rpm -q glibc

ps: other alternative ways

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Orphanage for #OpenSuse Linux packages

If there are any takers for building and maintaining the suse packages please do so , until then Firebird package is orphane

Philippe Makowski wrote:

As you may know, I’m the maintainer of Firebird packages in OpenSuse.
but I’m also doing the same for Fedora (including EPEL), Mandriva and
the future Mageia.

OpenSuse is not my preferred distro, for far, and even if they are all
rpm distro, following seriously a distro need some time, and when new
Firebird version is there you need some time to do the job the right
way. And I don’t have enough time for this.
So I will still maintain Mandriva, Mageia, Fedora but no longer OpenSuse
(will it be “open” for a long time I don’t know, and that’s another story)

So please OpenSuse and Firebird users, step in, I will help you if need.

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#Ruby news : Firebird driver compilable on #rbx (rubinius) and full test passes on Linux (for the classic Ruby VM)

Here is the description of rubinius:

Rubinius is an implementation of the Ruby programming language.
The Rubinius bytecode virtual machine is written in C++, incorporating LLVM to compile bytecode to machine code at runtime. The bytecode compiler and vast majority of the core classes are written in pure Ruby.

Here are the rbx experiments done by Brent Rowland

fb now builds fine but won’t load due to missing rb_ary_freeze and rb_struct_new. #rbx


And yes the Linux tests for classic Ruby VM are all ok

Linux testing of the latest fb code went well. 32- and 64-bit Rubies

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Firebird supports all the #Debian #Linux main Architectures

With latest patches for hppa and alpha in Firebird 2.5 and Firebird 3.0 main tree Firebird supports all the Main Debian Architectures

All the cpus are supported now if in the next round of
buildd logs hppa and alpha cpu will be ok (green) minus the HURD thing 🙂


You can consult the list of supported architectures from last year and you can see the progress

Already ported:

    s390 = IBM/S390
    superH (sh4)

Minor ports that are not supported by Debian Main but we will try to do it anyway :


So you can install firebird on the phone (maemo, meego or chrooted debian on android) or on the mainframe linux (ibm s390)

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firebird #ruby driver is building cleanly and passing all tests under Ruby 1.8.7, 1.9.1 and 1.9.2

Brent Rowland wrote on twitter

Got fb building cleanly and passing all tests under Ruby 1.9.1. Now for 1.9.2.


Got fb building with Ruby 1.8.7, 1.9.1 and 1.9.2. At least on Mac. Under 10.6. Testing Linux and Windows will have to wait for another day.


Here is the git repository for Firebird Ruby driver , also you can check the
commits log

ps: he is working on Firebird 2.5 support if you wonder what is new in the driver 🙂

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