Firebird 2.5 Beta 1 is Ready to Test

The Firebird Team is pleased to release the first Beta of Firebird 2.5, feature-complete and ready to field-test. Kits are available for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Linux. So – please test it well and report your experiences (good or bad) to the firebird-devel list.

Do make a point of studying the release notes (available on-line and also in the download kits). Note also that there are a few known issues, particularly for those of you who are going to hammer this hard.

Optimizing a Delphi 2009 app using Firebird 2.5 Alpha 1

The last few days I’ve spent optimizing an application written in Delphi 2009 that talks to a Firebird database using the standard TIBDatabase, TIBTransaction and TIBSQL components The application needs to do alot of reading/writing to the database, and was rather slow so I had to optimize it a little …The application is basically an Indy based Web-Server that receives simple GET parameters, does a thing or two in the DB and returns with the Success/Fail and a possible result from the DB.

Building Firebird 2.5 from Debian git repository

These are the general notes on building Firebird 2.5 from debian git , and it should work on any debian based distro like ubuntu or others

Firebird2.5 SuperClassic in debian – soon

Damyan asked if we can simplify the packages for firebird 2.5 and
by dropping the old classic support and pushing the super and super-classic

Apache, PHP and Firebird Performance Tuning

In the last post I commented that I had a test-bed application, based on ApachePHP and Firebird, and once the problem with the images was solved I could finally start doing the actual performance testing/tuning that I originally wanted to do. 

The only major changes from the last post is that I’ve now upgraded the database engine to the “Firebird v2.5 Alpha 1” that supports SMP, and that the application now contains more base data in the tables.

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