Firebird 2.5 (final) released

Today the Firebird 2.5 is being released. You can read the press release and most importantly release notes. And sure, you can download it and use/test/deploy.

Congratulation to us, the Firebird Project, especially the core team. And also to you, users, I hope you’ll enjoy and like the new Firebird 2.5 version as we (I) do.

Note: The MindTheBird campaign team will run a webinar today at 13:00 GMT in anticipation of the launch of Firebird 2.5 Final Release. See the details.

I quoted  from Jiri blog

Firebird 2.5 compliation with Visual Studio C++ 2008 ( aka #VC9.0 ) on #Windows

I have wrote the steps in compiling php_interbase.dll with using the Firebird 2.5 binaries here but if you want to debug the Firebird client dll or the engine you should follow these steps (requires full Firebird 2.5.x compilation)

If you want to build only Firebird 2.5 with a free beer compiler i have created a video where i describe and show the steps that you need to follow

Performance issues on #Intel CPUs vs #Amd ones

Alexander Peshkoff wrote on Firebird-devel

One of our users, GLDS, has found that firebird 2.5 (64-bit mode) runs on some
very simple tests 2 times slower compared with firebird 1.5. I’ve checked it
on my box and could not reproduce a problem. Afterwards it became known that
my box is amd, in GLDS – intel.

Therefore I’ve decided to compare different versions on different CPUs.
Performance tests showed, that firebird 1.5 runs on them with more or less
same speed (therefore it’s very convenient for comparison). But firebird 2.5
runs really runs on intel almost 2 times slower, than 1.5(and therefore 2
times slower than on amd).
What else required explanation – why do we not
have this performance issue under windows.
[ED: seems that was an NetBust/p4 core with HT on that had these performance issues]

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