Django 2.2 driver for Firebird 3

RED SOFT has added support of Firebird 3 into the Django 2.2 framework.

RED SOFT developer Vasily Yashkov made a pull request which recently has been accepted. Find details and main changes here.

The new version of the driver was successfully tested with Django 2.2.10/2.2.11 and Firebird 3/RedDatabase 3.

If you use Django with Firebird 2.5 or less please try to migrate your database to Firebird 3.0 and test new version of the driver. Now you can install it manually as described in the instruction but follow the news and wait the next release soon.

Django1.5.x Firebird driver with Python 3.x support ready for testing

Maximiliano Robaina wrote about Python3 fixes for the Firebird Django driver :

I just pushed up a new commit into django-firebird github repository [1] with several python 3 fixes.
If anybody can test it with python 3 and report any issue, it will be appreciated.

Take into account that this improvements are available into github repository, not on PyPI yet. Pull requests are welcome 😉


Django 1.4 support for Firebird ready for tests

Maximiliano Robaina wrote on django-firebird group

I would just like to say that the first attempt to support django 1.4 is ready for test, but we have a few considerations related to this release.

First, this test version live in
For now, this repo is just for test but I think that will be the next official home in short time.

Second, the way as insert worked was deprecated. At previous versions we have contemplated not to use triggers for manage auto incremental fields, the value of autoinc fields were generated on python code by using GEN_ID or NEXT VALUE FOR according to firebird version. Now, is necessary to have triggers (and sequences/generators) for inserts and set new primary key values, then, if you are using a legacy database without this, It will not work.
If anybody think that is a bad idea remove this behavior and need it, we can discuss about it.

Third, obviously django-firebird doesn’t pass all the django test suite.
For example, django try to create a field as decimal(38,30)

django.db.utils.DatabaseError: (-842, u’isc_dsql_prepare: \n  Dynamic SQL Error\n  SQL error code = -842\n  Precision must be from 1 to 18 — CREATE TABLE “MODEL_FIELDS_BIGD” (\n    “ID” integer NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,\n    “D” decimal(38, 30) NOT NULL\n)\n;’)

And of course, we need to have our own test suite.

That is all. Feel free to try and to express your opinion.

django-firebird switched for #django 1.2/1.3 support only in svn trunk

The django-firebird trunk was updated with new version. It supports django 1.2 and I hope what support the next 1.3 release too.

I was using this version on production web app and all work fine for
now.[ED:also works ok with it]

The prior django-firebird implementation with support for django 1.1 was tagged

Please, feel free to check it out and report any issue.
Any feedback is wellcome.