Firebird at WebTech 2006 in Bulgaria and RC3 release date

Miroslav Penchev wrote on firebird-general list :

There is a conference about Open Source, Web development and Databases at
the end of June in Sofia, Bulgaria. You can see for more info.

I will make a lecture about Firebird and now I make my presentation and
develop the information to present. Almost all of lecture I will present
Firebird current version, to make it more popular here in Bulgaria. I also
plan to include information about FB 2 at the end of lecture – new things,
performance optimization, etc.

Firebird 2.0 rc2 from source howto (ubuntu dapper drake)

This was tested on the Ubuntu Dapper Drake (that will be released this summer)
I assume you have installed the g++ compiler (with apt-get or synaptic)

download the Firebird 2.0 RC 2 kit from the nearest mirror

if you can’t connect to localhost with firebird2 rc1

Problem is the installer for firebird 2.0 rc1 currently changes permissions on /etc/services file to 600 and permisions need to be 644.

This has been posted on Firebird Devel List and is patched.
I will repost it here so others have less problems finding it.

REPOST FROM Firebird Devel List

Firebird 2.0 RC1 is out

The Firebird Project is pleased to announce the release of the first release candidate of Firebird 2.0, for final testing. Download kits are available for Windows and Linux, including x64 Linux. However, due to hardware failure on the Windows build system, there will be initial delays in accessing the Win32 kits. Patience please!

Firebird 2 beta 2 released

The Firebird Project has released the second Firebird 2.0 beta. Over the weekend, kits for Win32, Linux x86 (including NPTL builds for Superserver) and Linux x64 are being released for testing. Mirrors are slowly filling up; slower downloads from the pre-release area are also available temporarily but please try the main (mirror) links first.

You can download it here.

Thanks for Jiri Cincura for leting us know about this.

Firebird 1.5.3 PT_BR

Paulo Henrique Albanez informs that a non-oficial version of Firebird 1.5.3 for Windows, with supports to collate PT_BR (case insensitive) is available for download here. A Linux version will be available shortly.

This version is mainly for brazilians and other portuguese speakers people who wants to get the benefits of case/accent insensitive collation for ISO8859_1/WIN1252 charsets, while FB 2.0 is not released.

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