Firebird 2.0 Debian packages

Hi, everybody,

After much delay, I’ve finally prepared debian packages of 2.0 branch of firebird. They can be reached at [1]. This is the RC4 release from 13th of August.

These packages conflict with 1.5.3 series, so if you want to give your databases a try (strongly encouraged), backup them with 1.5.3 *before* installing 2.0 packages.

Please give these a hard time testing and don’t forget to send feedback to Reading Release Notes[2] would help avoiding common problems.

Firebird at WebTech 2006 in Bulgaria and RC3 release date

Miroslav Penchev wrote on firebird-general list :

There is a conference about Open Source, Web development and Databases at
the end of June in Sofia, Bulgaria. You can see for more info.

I will make a lecture about Firebird and now I make my presentation and
develop the information to present. Almost all of lecture I will present
Firebird current version, to make it more popular here in Bulgaria. I also
plan to include information about FB 2 at the end of lecture – new things,
performance optimization, etc.

Firebird 2.0 rc2 from source howto (ubuntu dapper drake)

This was tested on the Ubuntu Dapper Drake (that will be released this summer)
I assume you have installed the g++ compiler (with apt-get or synaptic)

download the Firebird 2.0 RC 2 kit from the nearest mirror

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