firebird 2.0 in the freebsd ports repository

the freshports page is here.
What is a port?
A port is the term used to describe a collection of files which makes it extremely easy to install an application. As it says in the FreeBSD Ports description: Installing an application is as simple as downloading the port, unpacking it and typing make in the port directory.

Firebird Final V2.0 Released

The Firebird Project yesterday evening officially released the much-anticipated Version 2.0 of the Firebird relational database during the opening session of the fourth international Firebird conference. This release brings a large collection of long-awaited enhancements that significantly improve performance, functionality, security and international language support.
It was announced at the Firebird Conference in Prague, Czech Republic

Recent porting efforts

Two Linux ports have been contributed recently – MIPSEL and PowerPC (credits go to Fabrice Aeschbacher and Damyan Ivanov). Also, Paul Beach has ported v1.5.3 to HP-UX (already available for download) and Alex Peshkoff has almost completed porting the same version to AIX. And finally, port to Win64 (so far AMD64 and EM64T only) is committed into the HEAD branch and will be available in the v2.1 release.

via Firebird Developer’s Journal

Warning about just released RC 5

From Dmitry Yemanov:
Windows builds of Firebird 2.0 Release Candidate 5 have been released with an issue related to the INTL support. This is not a bug in the code, but a build/packaging issue. One of the ICU libraries (icudt30.dll) got built wrongly. We apologize for inconvenience, the builds are to be fixed and re-released shortly. In the meantime, icudt30.dll from the RC4 package would fix the issue.

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