Firebird in OSDB Magazine

The next issue of Open Source Database Magazine is now available. This information-packed issue has over 60 pages of information including:

  • Firebird’s Road Trip and What’s New with 2.5
  • Coding Corner: Trees – Where’s the Performance?
  • PostgreSQL’s tsvector: Secret Sauce for Search Engines
  • The Lab: The XtraBackup Program for MySQL – Part Two
  • Drizzle – A Lightweight Database for the Web
  • Kontrollbase: Enterprise grade MySQL monitoring and analytics
  • Creating a Twitter Mashup with MongoDB
  • Introducing LucidDB

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Firebird,the sexy RDBMS ;-)

Dr. Dobbs published a review of the new Delphi 2010, and mentions the new official support for Firebird:

RAD Studio 2010 database drivers have also been updated to support the latest well-known name SQL DBMS’s including IBM DB2 8, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, MySQL 5.1 and Oracle 11g. Also added to this release is support for the sexy, high-performance, open-source Firebird 1.5 RDBMS, showing that Embarcadero is hip with the times by not standing idle with just supporting updates for the entrenched players.

No need to panic over #MySQL – are other open source databases available. #PostgreSQL, #Firebird, #HSQLDB, even Apache #Derby

MySQL users are nervous about Oracle’s takeover of Sun Microsystems, according to InfoWorld. You can see their point: Why would a company whose main product is a proprietary database be interested in maintaining an open source competitor to it?

There are other open source databases available. PostgreSQL, Firebird, HSQLDB, even Apache Derby can all be called into service, depending on your needs. The developer communities behind any of these projects would be more than happy to help scores of ex-MySQL users migrate to their particular platform. They almost certainly already have tools to do it

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