InfoQ: Q&A with Jiri Cincura of the Firebird Database Project about the ADO.NET provider , ORM ,EF …

Jiri Cincura was recently interviewed for InfoQ article – Q&A with Jiri Cincura of the Firebird Database Project. We touched Firebird, ADO.NET, O/RMs, Entity Framework etc. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Update: The article seems to be retracted for the moment , Don’t panic we asked why and investigate the cause (see the comments section) ,

Here is the full text from Google cache

We recently spoke with Jiri Cincura of the Firebird database project.

InfoQ: Can you tell us briefly about yourself and your role in creating the ADO.NET provider for Firebird?

Jiri: Currently I’m project lead for the ADO.NET provider for Firebird project. And actually only one active right now. I’m doing majority of development (although there are some worth contributions) and all the stuff around, like testing, releases, issue tracker watching, replying in mailing list etc.

InfoQ: And for the benefit of our readers who are unfamiliar with it, who would you describe Firebird?

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ps: send this to firebird-general mailing list too (i’m banned there and for some reason i can’t post there anymore )

Database trends survey (Embarcadero)

Marco Cantu posted in his blog:

…While most of the questions are on the choice and number of servers used (MS SQL Server being the most widely adopted, Oracle the most critical, and Firebird has a significant 4% 5.5% presence for large companies). Other questions are tuned for Embarcadero products (like evaluating the need for automating some DBA tasks). A few questions are interesting for their broad perspective, like those focused on the relationship between developers and DBAs…

Btw, interesting that there is no mention of Embarcadero’s Interbase in the survey results.

The Decline of #MySQL and Rise of Firebird SQL

The decline will not be immediate, it will take some time, notably Apache distributions like XAMPP and WAMP will have to offer users alternatives to MySQL, as most developers use these packages, instead of installing products independently. All is not lost, the Open Source community has plenty of options. There are two well established alternatives to MySQL: PostgreSQL and Firebird. Both have large established communities, and support of major corporations. One of these will become the next MySQL

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