libpthread compatibility problem with Firebird 2.5

We’ve identified an issue where the latest libpthread library versions are not compatible with Firebird 2.5 (including the latest available release of vanilla version and HQbird 2.5 till the version

This incompatibility may cause Firebird 2.5 to crash during certain operations on newer Linux distributions. The error occurs frequently in architectures SuperServer and SuperClassic, and less frequently, in Classic.

Immediate Action Required:
To prevent any impact on Firebird 2.5, please follow the guidance provided below.

Assessing Your System:
Determining which Linux distributions are impacted is dificult since libpthread updates can be applied to older operating system versions, potentially introducing the issue to Firebird. It means that any update of OS can bring the problem to your system, even if you are running old version. It means that you need to test your instance of OS.

Testing for Compatibility:
We’ve developed a command-line application to test whether libpthread is compatible with Firebird 2.5.

Download Instructions:
•  The binary for the test application can be downloaded from the following link:
•  The source code for the test application is also available at this link:

Execution Guide:
Execute the test application in your terminal as outlined in the instructions below to perform the compatibility check.

For the Operating System with old libptread (i.e., it is compatible with 2.5)  

chmod +x pthr-tst
# ./pthr-tst 
Set signals
Sigenv works 

For the Operating System with new libptread (i.e., not compatible with 2.5):

# ./pthr-tst
Set signals
Segmentation fault

What to do next in short-term

For Firebird 2.5 vanilla users:
If you have made the test and found that libpthread is not compatible with Firebird 2.5, change the architecture to Classic (make sure to do not confuse the configuration!), and then plan to reinstall your Linux Operating System to the old version with compatible libpthread, which does not have this problem – as soon as possible.

If you have made the test and did not encounter the problem with libpthread, there is no direct danger at the moment. Make this test after each OS update.

Please note that Firebird 2.5 is discontinued version, and Firebird Project will not release fix for vanilla version of 2.5.

For user of commercial versions
Contact your vendor to receive a fix.

What to do next in long-term? Upgrade!

Take this as a final notice that you need to upgrade to Firebird 5.0. The version 2.5 was good and stable, but it originates from 2010, the majority of products released in that year already retired.

There are enough material to perform upgrade in the smooth and easy way, see for details Practical Migration Guide to Firebird 5.


Please feel free to ask any questions:

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Stored routine debugger Hopper, v2.3 released

Upscene Productions is proud to announce version 2.3.0 of “Hopper”, a stored routine debugger for InterBase, Firebird or MySQL.

This release brings support for Firebird 5 and bugfixes.

For more information, check the Hopper page at our website.

About Hopper
Hopper is a stored routine debugging tool for MySQL, Firebird and InterBase. If you use
stored procedures on these database systems, Hopper will be a great tool for debugging
these routines.

About Upscene Productions
Based in The Netherlands, Europe, this small but dedicated company has been providing
database developers with useful tools for over 20 years. Slowly expanding the product portfolio
and gaining recognition amongst InterBase and Firebird database developers, they now offer
tools for a whole range of database systems, including Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

EmberWings Magazine about Firebird

EmberWings is a new quarterly PDF magazine about Firebird published by IBPhoenix.

Beyond technical articles, instructions and tips, it contains interviews with noteworthy individuals, an overview of Firebird’s development, information from the Firebird community, evaluations of compelling products, and a touch of thematic humor. All of this presented in a streamlined format with an aesthetically pleasing print-friendly layout.

The magazine is available in IBPhoenix store for free on a pay-what-you-want basis, with half of the proceeds going to the Firebird Foundation. The remaining half is used to finance the publication of the magazine.

HQbird 2024 is released

We are glad to announce that HQbird version 2024 is released!
HQbird is advanced distribution of Firebird, with many improvements in the areas of performance, high availability, development, and more. It is intended for large enterprises and development companies with many Firebird installations, offering performance, protection from various threats, and mass maintenance.

Version 2024 introduces support of Firebird 5, and continue to support versions 4.0, 3.0, 2.5, with various improvements in the engine, high availability, tooling, and encryption.

HQbird is 100% compatible with Firebird, no need to perform backup/restore, you can install HQbird in trial mode in parallel with vanilla Firebird, and switch between instances.

The detailed list of HQbird features which improves Firebird can be found here, and below there are the biggest improvements of version HQbird 2024:

  1. Replacing queries “on the fly”
  2. Plugins for performing external connections with ODBC and MySQL
  3. Streaming/Change Data Capture with ready-to-use Kafka plugin, and plugin-building framework.
  4. Automation support to work with many databases on the server (for clients with SaaS model), with ability to create “replica server”
  5. Multi-instance support, which makes migration process from old Firebird versions much easier. HQbird 2024 is also integrated with Mass Migration Framework
  6. Automatic correction of firebird.conf configuration in case of erroneous configuration.

All features are described here.

HQbird v2024 has 2 licenses (click here to see purchasing options):

  • Per server, suitable for small and medium companies, US$899/server
  • Unlimited License, for large enterprises and software development companies, cost US$13465/year for unlimited number of installations.

Download HQbird v2024 here.

Customers with support contracts, subscriptions, or recent maintenance purchases (within the last 13 months), as well as customers who bought HQbird in the last 30 days, will get free upgrades in the next 10 days.

Practical Migration Guide To Firebird 5.0

The “Practical Migration Guide to Firebird 5.0,” authored by D. Simonov, is a free technical manual that describes the main steps for upgrading to Firebird 5 from legacy versions such as 2.5, 3.0, and 4.0.

It encapsulates a wealth of pragmatic advice, troubleshooting methodologies, and resolution techniques for common migration challenges. Despite its brevity (40 pages), the guide comprehensively addresses critical aspects of the migration process, including installation protocols, configuration optimization, user account migration, and data type transition strategies.

Read “Practical Migration Guide to Firebird 5.0” or download it in printable PDF format.


Note from the submitter: For those upgrading to Firebird 5, this practical guide can be considered an “add-on” for my (+200 pages) Migration Guide to Firebird 4 eBook, which contains detailed and very important information specially for those moving from FB 3 (or older versions).

IBProvider News

Hello Everyone.

We have updated all our components and recommend our user and customers to use them.

IBProvider 5.36.x

  • Sending short BLOB via VARCHAR datatype (Firebird v2.5.1+)
  • A support of Windows XP was restored

LCPI ADO.NET provider for OLE DB v1.29

  • Assemblies for .NET8 were added

Other updates

  • LCPI OLE DB Services was updated
  • LCPI EF Core Provider for OLE DB was updated

Kind Regards, IBProvider Team.

The Backend Ring – 2024/Q1 (Adriano Fernandes)

The Backend Ring is a challenge whose main objective is to share knowledge in the form of a challenge! This is the second edition.

Adriano Santos Fernandes, one of the Firebird Core Developers, published an article about his participation in the 2024/Q1 Backend Ring edition, where he submitted solutions using Firebird, PostgreSQLand LMDB. Here is an excerpt from the article translated to English:

“Today, March 10, 2024, is the deadline for project submissions for the Backend Ring – 2024/Q1, which is the second edition of the Backend Ring. In summary, it was necessary to deliver a project that simulates a banking service with a statement and creation of transactions concurrently, where accounts can never go negative below each customer’s limit. In addition, it was necessary to run in docker, with a load balancer distributing the load to at least two API services, and all services together could use a maximum of 1.5 CPU units and 550MB of memory.

I did not participate in the first edition in 2023 because I only found out after it ended.

After this first edition of the Backend Ring, there was a Compilers Ring (and interpreters) where I was able to participate and my project ranked 9th.”

Jaybird 5.0.4 released

We are happy to announce the release of Jaybird 5.0.4.

The following has been fixed since Jaybird 5.0.3:

  • Firebird 5.0 is now formally supported
  • Fixed: Potential NPE when warningMessageCallback is null while reading operations or consuming packets (#778)
  • Fixed: FBRowUpdater incorrectly considers result set with only partial PK updatable — backported from Jaybird 6 (#780)
  • Fixed: Use of offset timezone names (e.g. +05:00) for sessionTimeZone would result in a warning being logged, and an incorrect conversion applied (in UTC instead of the offset) when using the legacy time types — backported from Jaybird 6 (#787)

Jaybird 5 supports Firebird 2.5 and higher, on Java 8, 11, 17 and 21 (support for Java 11 and higher using the Java 11 version of the driver).

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