The Userguide of Codeigniter 3 (still Release Candidate) mentions that now has support for Firebird:

Added Interbase / Firebird database support via the ibase driver.

This means that the installation package CI 3 includes it, although you could previously use Firebird in CodeiIgniter 2 by the driver developed by Carlos García ( ) .


To see the rest of the new features of CodeIgniter 3 these are the addresses:

We can confirm that CodeIgniter 2 is a stable platform where I ‘ve done development with very good results in the past.

I also put the direction of an article I wrote about using Firebird with CodeIgniter 2, in my blog:


ps: news via

There seems to be a small problem with Firebird on Yosemite (OSX 10.10), it looks like Apple have finally deprecated StartupItems, and currently SuperServer uses this to start itself on reboot.

The Lazarus team would like to announce the first release candidate for
the upcoming Version 1.4.

We would like to invite all users to test this release candidate.

Fbclient – A complete ffi binding of the Firebird client library.
This is Work in progress In the meantime, you can use the old fbclient which is stable and complete.
Also you can contribute on github.
ps: i find the code quite clean and readable

IBPhoenix announce the availability of  FBMon (a command-line tool written in Python that allows you to work with Firebird Monitoring Tables) on its next Developer DVD due out in February.

Adriano created the official firebirdsql umbrella on github , it is now filled with the Firebird core mirror.

Brent Rowland announced: Fbx – general purpose extensions to golang’s database/sql for Firebird.

There are several patches landed in svn tree that enables firebird to have a full build (server is with remote interface) on android.

It was possible before to have a firebird embedded build.

The virtual session that Dmitry Yemanov gave last year in the 11th Firebird Developers Day is now publicly available in YouTube.

The audio is in English, and there are subtitles in PT-BR available. In this video, Dmitry talks about the most recent developments done in FB 3, comment about the reasons for the delays of the releases, what we can expect for the future, etc.

Obs: Please note that the session was recorded in August/2014.

Watch it now in YouTube.

shell@hwH30-U10:/data/local/tmp/firebird/bin $ ./isql employee
Database: employee
SQL> show version;
ISQL Version: LI-T3.0.0.31567 Firebird 3.0 Beta 2
Server version:
Firebird/Linux/ARM (access method), version “LI-T3.0.0.31567 Firebird
3.0 Beta 2″
on disk structure version 12.0


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