pyfirebirdsql Version 0.9.4 is released
with following changes:

  • - Fixed Cursor.rowcount.
  • - Cursor.callproc() return out parameters.
  • - Cursor.execute() return cursor instance itself.

You can consult the Commit History

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The pure JavaScript Node.js Firebird driver is updated with a few code cleanups and documentations updates 

  • Added Detaching event loop example
  • Charset warning : Charset for database connection is always UTF-8
  • Added License info to the package.json
  • Cleanup unused constants (Dead platforms : VMS …)


You can install or update from npmjs and you can consult the Commit History

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Ruby Firebird Extension Library 0.7.4 release fixes a scaling bug in fb for 32-bit architectures
and now builds cleanly and passes tests on Ruby 1.8.6 thru 2.1.0

News via Brent Rowland

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Paul Vinkenoog wrote about the Language Reference Progress (Select section 80% complete in DML chapter)
The latest sources are in CVS (manual/src/docs/refdocs/langref/langref25/)

The SELECT section is now about 80% ready. The only subsections that still need to be completed are ORDER BY, FOR UPDATE and WITH LOCK.
The other DML sections should be complete and correct.

ps: this progress status is related to DML chapter status not the other chapters

If you want to translate you can contact firebird-docs

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Today (20-Aug) is the last day to subscribe for the Brazilian Firebird Developers Day Conference.

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The Russian Misson Control Center uses Firebird.

I quote Alex Peshkoff on the Firebird Development list

FYI – our colleagues from the Mission Control Center tested format of
VMT in the following environment
Intel(R) Itanium(R) Processor 9310
HP-UX B.11.31
HP C/aC++ Version A.06.26

and it differs from what we have on windows/linux. I do not have access
to that box myself, so I can’t report what is actually that format. But
an attempt to access it as we do on windows/linux cause an error.

I have asked Alex and is confirmed

Q: Can you confirm this news ? , I have saw it on ibphoenix and then
Adriano asked if is true
I never use twitter (and same sites), but looking at subj I can say – yes, they do.
And they use it on rather specific HW, including itanium with HPUX.

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PHPNG (next generation) is the branch for the next php release (PHP 7). There are a few steps for firebird extension (ibase) in order to work with the new engine : You can clone the repository and test php master branch from git.
The extension changelog is here.
(There are a few patches already submitted by Dmitry Stogov)

ps: pdo_firebird seems already supported and is in the list of extensions already converted
Update: phpng is merged into php master branch

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Firebird Developers Day is in today (15/Aug) editions of the “Jornal de Piracicaba” and “A Tribuna Piracicabana” newspapers.

Materia Jornal Tribuna

Materia Jornal Piracicaba

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Active Record Firebird Adapter 0.8.9 is updated with a few cleanups and fixes:
Changed quotes behavior for dialect 1 (an ancient Firebird dialect)

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IBSurgeon is glad to announce new version of Firebird maintenance, backup and anti-corruption tool FBDataGuard 3.0. New version contains many visual improvements, including completely new web interface with enhanced localization (English, Russian and Brazil Portuguese).

FBDataGuard 3.0

Now FBDataGuard also supports compression of backups up to 12Gb in size. There are also several minor bug fixes.
More details and download: ​

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