Fbclient – A complete ffi binding of the Firebird client library.
This is Work in progress In the meantime, you can use the old fbclient which is stable and complete.
Also you can contribute on github.
ps: i find the code quite clean and readable

IBPhoenix announce the availability of  FBMon (a command-line tool written in Python that allows you to work with Firebird Monitoring Tables) on its next Developer DVD due out in February.

Adriano created the official firebirdsql umbrella on github , it is now filled with the Firebird core mirror.

Brent Rowland announced: Fbx – general purpose extensions to golang’s database/sql for Firebird.

There are several patches landed in svn tree that enables firebird to have a full build (server is with remote interface) on android.

It was possible before to have a firebird embedded build.

The virtual session that Dmitry Yemanov gave last year in the 11th Firebird Developers Day is now publicly available in YouTube.

The audio is in English, and there are subtitles in PT-BR available. In this video, Dmitry talks about the most recent developments done in FB 3, comment about the reasons for the delays of the releases, what we can expect for the future, etc.

Obs: Please note that the session was recorded in August/2014.

Watch it now in YouTube.

shell@hwH30-U10:/data/local/tmp/firebird/bin $ ./isql employee
Database: employee
SQL> show version;
ISQL Version: LI-T3.0.0.31567 Firebird 3.0 Beta 2
Server version:
Firebird/Linux/ARM (access method), version “LI-T3.0.0.31567 Firebird
3.0 Beta 2″
on disk structure version 12.0


The Firebird JDBC team is happy to announce the release of Jaybird 2.2.7.

This release contains a few fixes .

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Microtec is pleased to announce the release of CopyCat Developer version 3.7.1!

CopyCat Developer is a Delphi components library encapsulating a database replication engine with support for Firebird, Interbase, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite and NexusDB. For more information, please refer to our site: http://www.copycat.fr

The changes in this release are as follows:

– XE7 support

– Major performance and memory management improvements of big logs. Instead of loading the whole list of changes to replicate into memory at once, it is now streamed in row by row.

– The UPDATE OR INSERT statement is now used in FB 2.1+, in order to reduce the number of statements needed and thus optimize performance.

– Internal changes enabling the use of prepared queries during replication, thus again dramatically improving performance.

– Improved performance of TCcConnection.GetFieldType

– Fixed a memory leak that caused problems with long-running replication cycles.

– Fixed a bug in the millisecond handling in Firebird.

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