The source code of Firebird 3.0 Beta 1 is now tagged, meaning that we can expect the beta 1 release to be available very soon.

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For this howto you will need to have firebird development package already installed on the system and also Qt 5.3.

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Microtec is pleased to announce a new release of our database replication engine, CopyCat Developer !

CopyCat Developer is a set of Delphi / C++Builder components providing customizable replication for Firebird, Interbase, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, NexusDB, SQLite, PostgreSQL and Oracle, including heteogenous replication between different database types.

Have a look at our site for more information :

This new release includes the following improvements:

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Adriano wrote on Firebird-devel and twitter :

I put in my github account the first version of cloop – Cross Language
Object Oriented Programming.

This first version is limited to void and int datatypes, supports C, C++
and Free Pascal, and the makefile works only in POSIX.

Some files in src/tests/test1 are autogenerated. They are flag as this
in their first line.

Tests consists of three (one for each language) executable and three
libraries as well.

The executable is the consumer test part and receives a parameter with
the library name of the supplier test part, so we can test any
combination of C/C++/Pascal as consumer/supplier. Examples:

./output/debug/bin/test1-pascal output/debug/bin/
./output/debug/bin/test1-c output/debug/bin/
./output/debug/bin/test1-cpp output/debug/bin/

./output/debug/bin/test1-cpp output/debug/bin/

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 wrote on linkedin Firebird group :

We started series of mini-interviews with Firebird Conference 2014 speakers:
Ann Harrison:
Paul Reeves:
Mark Rotteveel:

Stay tuned for more interviews!
Don’t miss the last chance to register at Firebird event of the year: Prague, October 24-25:

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Today’s guest is Mark Rotteveel, developer of JayBird, Firebird JDBC driver, and speaker at Firebird Conference 2014.

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Firebird truncates decimal places when dividing, rather than rounding. Furthermore, it bases the number of decimal points in the returned value on the number of decimal places in the numerator and denominator.

Why is Firebird truncating instead of rounding? And why does it base the returned value on the number of decimal places in the query?

Here is the answer to the Question on StackOverflow

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FBTM_V3_48x48 Upscene Productions is excited to officially release FB TraceManager V3.5.2!

This release adds UI docking capabilities, improved Firebird 3 support and fixes minor bugs.

More information is available here:

Feel free to check out the following V3.5 demo video

More information on the product is available in the FB TraceManager section on our website, including an edition comparison sheet, webcasts etc.:

Thanks for your continued support.

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I am pleased to announce that CopyCat LiveMirror 1.3 is officially available!

CopyCat LiveMirror is our database mirroring and backup tool, designed to make it trivial to setup a one-way replication between two Firebird databases, so that you can easily have a reliable, up-to-date backup at your fingertips, at all times. Please refer to our product page for more information

Changes in this release :

* Various core changes and minor bug fixes.
* Fixed bug saving database configuration data.
* Fixed bug causing errors with wide string fields in some situations.
* Improved log viewer window so that it’s responsive even when holding a large log file.
* Added an error reporting module allowing for more detailed error messages and bug reports.
* Fixed bug causing automatic replication to stop after database connection loss. In such a case, LiveMirror will now continue trying to reestablish a connection every time replication fires.
* LiveMirror now excludes fields with errorneous field names (DATE, TYPE, USER, etc) that were allowed in older versions of Firebird and can still be present in some databases.
* Automatically grant full rights to all users for RPL$ system tables created by LiveMirror, so that there will be no error when inserting into RPL$LOG through the triggers when a user makes changes to the database.

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As you might now Ștefan Suciu created a Firebird port for Sqitch

Bellow is a interview with the author of Sqitch : David Wheeler with a few Firebird mentions

ps: There is a GUI for Sqitch – Simple SQL change management created by Stefan


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