Here you can check Firebird 3.0 Debian package progress

Damyan added quite a few changes compared with version from 3 years ago

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News via Brent Rowland:
Rails activerecord-fb-adapter v0.9 includes a major overhaul courtesy of Ray Zane. 20x more tests now pass.
Update : now is pushed to rubygems

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Firebird Project announces the first Beta release of Firebird 3.0, the next major version of the Firebird relational database, which is now available for testing.

This Beta release demonstrates the features and improvements currently under development by the Firebird development team. Our users are appreciated giving it a try and providing feedback here. Apparent bugs can be reported directly to the bugtracker.

Beta releases are not encouraged for production usage or any other goals that require a stable system. They are, however, recommended for those users who want to help in identifying issues and bottlenecks thus allowing to progress faster through the Beta/RC stages towards the final release.

Please read the Release Notes carefully before installing and testing this Beta release.
Download page:

Release Notes:

Dmitry Yemanov

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Firebird can be installed on both Little Endian (ppc64el) and Big Endian(ppc64) versions of Power8 Linux Operating Systems

There was a recent bug in detection of ppc64el (was mis-detected as powerpc64) but now is fixed in Debian

Also if you use other distros on power8 please verify if Firebird platform is detected correctly.

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Only today you have ability to buy any IBSurgeon product for 50% of its regular price.
For example, IBSurgeon Enterprise Pack will cost EUR274.5 instead of EUR 549.
Upgrade to FirstAID for 50 databases – EUR 99.5 instead of EUR 199.

How to buy?

Visit our online Purchase page (, select product, and enter the following coupon code during purchase process:

Have a good weekend!

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Here are some stats and badges via
SourceForge Downloads per Month:
SourceForge Downloads per Week:
SourceForge Downloads per Day:
SourceForge Downloads Total:

You can find the download stats on the sourceforge file stats area

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Firebird ODBC driver 2.0.3 is released today

Updated information on on the ODBC driver page

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ARMv8 X-Gene X-C1 Development Systems, powered by Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, now available through Applied Micro’s developer enablement program.

And you can install Firebird arm64 port on it

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On October 24-25, 2014 in Prague, we hosted an international conference of Firebird. Attended by 110 participants, 18 speakers presented 23 interesting presentations.

The conference was open with core developers of Firebird Dmitry Emanov and Vlad Khorsun, with reports about new features of Firebird 3, which is preparing to release in early 2015, and Firebird 4 (2016). The most important news is the reduction of a release cycle, and focus on the fault tolerance and performance.

This year’s conference received a strong Russian presence in addition to core developers from Russia were Pavel Zotov (Firebird QA) with a presentation about a realistic test of highly databases Firebird, Roman Simakov, a leading developer Red Database (commercial version of Firebird with certification for the Russian state organizations ) and Alexey and Dmitry Kuzmenko Kovyazin of ( IBSurgeon ).

In addition, 2 platinum and 1 silver sponsor was from Russia – Moscow Exchange, iBase (IBSurgeon) and RedSoft respectively.
Of course, in addition to Russian, were speakers from the USA, Brazil, UK, France, Netherlands and other countries.

Special guests, speakers at the conference were Ann Harrison and Jim Starkey. Jim Starkey is known for being the original developer of InterBase (back in the 80s), and architect solutions such as Falcon (MySQL), NuoDB, Netfrastructure and AmorphousDB.

Firebird driver developers, Jiri Cincura and Mark Rotteveel, spoke about Firebird.NET and Java. The second talk of Mark’s was about Java and jOOq was also supported by Lucas Eder, original creator of jOOq.

You can download all the presentations from the conference as a single archive:
or view them separately (along with some selected photos from the conference):

Original article

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The Firebird Foundation (FF) is the organization behind Firebird that actually pays for the salaries of the core developers. FF gets its money from associations, donations and sponsorship. Anyone can become a member of the FF (USD 50/year for non voting member, and USD 300/year for voting member) and every member of the FF are eligible for special discounts from several partners, like IBSurgeon, FastReports, Upscene, etc. A list of companies offering special discounts to the FF members can be seen at

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy your discount, and if you are not still a FF member, apply for your membership now!

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