December 2011

Jiri Cincura wrote a new blog post about Sorting using blob column on Firebird

Imagine you have a blob column and you want to add sorting clause to your query based on that column. Crazy? Might be. On the other hand, why not?

The idea of storing a hierarchical data in a relational database is very simple, but effective work with such a data requires some knowledge of server-side programming using procedural SQL (PSQL). So the hierarchical data structures are a good chance to get acquainted with PSQL. For demonstration purposes I created a simple database with single table TCLASS containing Delphi class hierarchy
The rest of the article is here

Pavel Cisar wrote on firebird python list :
Those who attended my “Python drivers” session at conference in
Luxembourg already know that last two months I have worked on another
Python driver for Firebird (codename fdb). It was just an experiment how
far I could go in short time with another approach to implementation,
not real attempt to replace both existing drivers (KInterbasDB and
firebirdsql). However, it went so well, that we have a real chance to
get out a truly universal pure Python driver for Firebird next year.
Here are details…

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Firebird-devel is now archived on gmane and you can use it in your favourite News Reader

AUDFL is an advanced version of popular rFunc UDF library for Firebird 2.0-2.5.x, with 32/64-bit support for Windows and Linux.
With AUDFL you can easy migrate your Firebird database with rFunc inside to 64-bit Firebird version.
AUDFL is developed by Maxim Filatov ( and supported by IBSurgeon.
AUDFL is under LGPL license – i.e., it’s open source and it’s 100% free.
Here you can download 32- and 64-bit versions of AUDFL for Windows and Linux, or download full source code (SVN) and build AUDFL yourself using Visual Studio Express or gcc.

If you found a bug or another problem, please create an appropriate ticket.
If you need professional support on issues, related with rFunc/AUDFL, please contact IBSurgeon Support.

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