September 2011

Mark Rotteveel announced that is working on adding JDBC 4.1 methods to Jaybird most of them will simply throw SQLFeatureNotSupported for now ;)

This will fix the Jaybird bug :JDBC-185

Just letting everyone know that we have ported Sakila Sample database to Firebird

Here is the project page


Take a look at the new case study published in the FirebirdSQL site. Interesting that they choosed Firebird over Oracle, and cost was not the only factor. Worth reading!

There are other case studies published in the site. Make sure to read them all, and if you have an interesting case to show, contact the moderator to know how to publish it there.

Philippe Makowski wrote a first todo list for the driver  :

  • add multiple transactions per connection management
  • add prepared statements management
  • extend services api
  • improve info_database output (see db_info in kinterbasdb)

after that, I think that someone could work on sqlalchemy integration

I’ll try to first add the multiple transactions per connection
management in my repo (will create a branche for that)

Volunteers ?
Anything else ?


Please try new release 0.5.0
Changelog includes :

Hi all,

yesterday I have uploaded new builds for 32 and 64 bit Windows, enjoy.


Michael Hieke

Now that is a long trip on the memory lane installing firebird v1 on a linux machine

I’ve just got v1 Firebird database running on a 64bit Suse linux machine. I feel EPIC.

I don’t know how hard it can be but you can try it just for fun

Due to changes in the network infrastructure, which will affect network connectivity, these resources will be unavailable in Sept 11, from 13:00 to 17:00 (GMT)

Here is the message with package acceptance and you can read the Release Notes and consult the list of Bug Fixes

иконографияThanks to Damyan and Stefan work we have a perl driver that is free of compilation warnings and that passes all tests when you run it with make test from command line.
Here is the commit log with recent changes.

Great work, is nice to see:

All tests successful. Files=33, Tests=842, 52 wallclock secs ( 0.98 usr 0.15 sys + 9.99 cusr 1.37 csys = 12.49 CPU)
Result: PASS

And here is the proof you need to clone the git repository and run in the shell

ISC_PASSWORD=masterkey make test

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