Time Track is a program written in Lazarus and tiopf to allow people to track projects (with Firebird backend)

See the lazarusĀ full thread and you can clone the git repository

It’s a small app that sits in the tray, and can be used to manage project time.
If there is interest, I can donate it to the Lazarus community. It also serves
as a nice example of how to program Lazarus and tiOPF.

It also keeps a todo list and a list of interruptions.
(the helpdesk walks in and out of my office, which I started tracking to
prove that this practice costs me 1.5 hours a day.)

I posted the project at

You’ll need tiOPF and a database server.
I use (and recommend) Firebird, but changing it to something
else takes about 2 lines of code.

The included time.sql file creates the database.

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