FB/Java plugin Milestone 1 (Firebird External engine )

I’m pleased to announce availability of the first test version of
FB/Java plugin.

FB/Java is a plugin for FB external engines feature, to be presented in
v3.0, that allows execution of Java code at the server side. The plugin
allows classes/resources in the file system or stored in the database.
File system classes/resources are global and the code run with all
permissions. Database classes/resources are per-database and code runs
accordingly with per-engine configured security policy.

Also it seems that is quite fast from Adriano’s tweets

Firebird DTP Plugin for Eclipse

After a request on the Firebird-Java mailinglist, I [Mark Rotteveel] offered to work on creating support for the Firebird database in the Eclipse Data Tools Platform.

JbConsole 0.2.0 released

JbConsole is a Firebird console tool. I have tested with Jython 2.5b3 and Jaybird 2.1.6 .
(java 1.6 on Windows XP and java 1.5 on OS X 10.5)
It’s still toy level, but it seems to be sample implementation of Jaybird and Jython.

See the screen shot

ED:Translated with google , I like his words about Jython

Swing and Java (JVM) I fast. 驚いた。 I was surprised.

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