IBSurgeon Firstaid 7.0 is released

IBSurgeon releases version 7 of FirstAID: recovery for Firebird and InterBase databases. 
This version includes the following new features and bugfixes:

  1. Support of InterBase is extended till the version of 2020
  2. Firebird 4 support was aligned with changes in ODS of Firebird 4.0 Beta 2 version, almost ready for the release
  3. Addressable space for 64-bit machines was increased to 3Gb, which allows to open and recover bigger databases
  4. Several bugfixes for BOOLEAN data type recovery and BLOBs processing

Download FirstAID now: https://ib-aid.com/en/ibsurgeon-firstaid/ 

Clients with available FirstAID activations (from version 3.0+) can download and use version 7.0 with existing licenses.

Those clients who have exhausted all activations, or users of FirstAID before 3.0, can upgrade here https://ib-aid.com/en/upgrades-ibsurgeon/

Read “Firebird Hardware Guide” to effectively choose hardware

You can often see the following question in Firebird technical support groups: “What is the hardware of choice for the Firebird DBMS?”. This topic remains permanently popular because hardware requirements differ by tasks and hardware itself changes with time.

We in IBSurgeon decided to write Firebird Hardware guide in order to provide the necessary knowledge to anyone who wants to choose truly effective hardware for their Firebird database. To do it, you will have to learn some basic details on how Firebird, the operating system and, of course, hardware functions.

IBSurgeon Black Friday Sales

Only today you have ability to buy any IBSurgeon product for 50% of its regular price.
For example, IBSurgeon Enterprise Pack will cost EUR274.5 instead of EUR 549.
Upgrade to FirstAID for 50 databases – EUR 99.5 instead of EUR 199.

How to buy?

Visit our online Purchase page (http://ib-aid.com/en/purchase-ibsurgeon-firstaid-recovery/), select product, and enter the following coupon code during purchase process:

Have a good weekend!

FBDataGuard 2.7: major update of Firebird moniotring and database protection tool

FBDataGuard was just updated to the version 2.7. Download it from your IBSurgeon Deploy Center account or get trial version from the product page.

Please schedule upgrade of your production system (please do upgrade carefully and plan all your actions).

Changes in version 2.7 include support for modern browsers in FBDataGuard web-console, fixed bugs and improved performance.

FBDataGuard is intended to be automatic maintainer and administrator assistant for important Firebird databases, especially at remote locations and being bundled with Firebird-based software.


FBDataGuard is designed to provide stability and confidence in business-critical Firebird databases:

  • prevent outages and corruptions,
  • reduce downtime and performance problems,
  • monitor database health and automate maintenance,
  • provide alerts and recommendations.

Also it can be used for advanced database recovery of protected database in case of heavy corruption (e.g., caused by hardware failure).

IBSurgeon Log Viewer 2.0 – free tool for viewing and analyzing firebird.log

IBSurgeon Log Viewer is designed to facilitate viewing and analyzing long Firebird and InterBase logs. Many Firebird and Interbase developers and administrators do not pay enough attention to the contents of firebird.log (interbase.log), though there is a lot of useful information, which can help to find and resolve various issues with Firebird/InterBase databases.

Originally Log Viewer was IBSurgeon’s internal application, which helped to quickly navigate through very long Firebird and InterBase logs, and in version 2.0 it became mature enough to be released for the community.
Download free version from IBSurgeon’s site.

Install it and open server’s log (usually it’s in C:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_n_n\ folder). There are also descriptions for log entries shipped with IBSurgeon Log Viewer:
IBSurgeon Log Viewer

Feel free to contact IBSurgeon Support (support@ib-aid.com) if you see suspicious messages in your logs. Don’t forget to attach log to the message!

IBSurgeon starts Twitter, Blog, Facebook and SlideShare social outlets

We are glad to announce that we have just started set of our social outlets:

IBSurgeon Twitter
IBSurgeon Blog

and Facebook.

We plan to release to public our internal “library of drafts”: short articles, corruption stories, tips and tricks, etc, which are too small to be published as article or whitepaper in our knowledgeable, but seems to be valuable enough for community, so we’ll release them as tweets, blog posts, etc.

Also we plan to share a lot of presentations we (as well as our colleagues, with their kind permission) have presented of different events, conferences, seminars and webinars, on the great resource SlideShare (it also allows following and social networking):
View ibsurgeon's profile on slideshare

So please join us in any social network you prefer and we will do our best to do not disappoint you!