IBSurgeon starts Twitter, Blog, Facebook and SlideShare social outlets

We are glad to announce that we have just started set of our social outlets:

IBSurgeon Twitter
IBSurgeon Blog

and Facebook.

We plan to release to public our internal “library of drafts”: short articles, corruption stories, tips and tricks, etc, which are too small to be published as article or whitepaper in our knowledgeable, but seems to be valuable enough for community, so we’ll release them as tweets, blog posts, etc.

Also we plan to share a lot of presentations we (as well as our colleagues, with their kind permission) have presented of different events, conferences, seminars and webinars, on the great resource SlideShare (it also allows following and social networking):
View ibsurgeon's profile on slideshare

So please join us in any social network you prefer and we will do our best to do not disappoint you!

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