New Arabic Lazarus Free Pascal Firebird book

After the first book now translated to English : Start programming using Object Pascal Language
I’ve released my second book about FreePascal/Lazarus/Object Pascal.
Book title is Second step with object pascal. In Arabic “الخطوة الثانية مع أوبجكت باسكال”

You can download this book from here
The book also contains a lot of sample applications written in Lazarus.


1. Memory
2. Files management
3. Relational Databases : Firebird SQL
4. Web Applications
5. Socket programming

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Lazarus Free Pascal RAD IDE 1.0 is released

The Lazarus team is glad to announce the release of:

Lazarus 1.0

At this important stage the current team would like to thank all the past and current people who were involved in getting us here.
* Thanks also go to the FPC team for providing the compiler that makes it all possible.
* Special thanks go to the founders of the project who started Lazarus more than a decade ago in 1999: Cliff Baeseman, Shane Miller and Michael A. Hess.
* A history of developers involved can be found in wiki History page . And a list of the many contributors comes with the distribution.

The release is available for download at the SourceForge download page:

Choose your CPU, OS, distro and then the “Lazarus 1.0” directory.

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#FreePascal as an embedded language in Firebird: possible and desirable?

Hi FreePascal and Firebird people here is my question
Cross-posted to the freepascal list and Firebird Development mailing lists

Would it be possible and desirable to have FreePascal as an embedded
stored procedure/trigger language in some future release of Firebird? (I
can’t recall this having been brought up before, so I just start the
ball rolling).

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#Delphi , #Lazarus : UIB 2.5 is optimized to fully exploit Firebird 2.5

There was no major release since a long time,but the project has always been maintained for 7 years now.
In honor of the new version of Firebird, I decided to release this new version of UIB in 2.5.
There have been many changes to support Unicode for Delphi 2009 to XE.
UIB is optimized to fully exploit Firebird 2.5.

ps: if you don’t know what UIB is ,  here is the description ( link)

current page for UIB is


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#Lazarus (Free #pascal IDE) 0.9.28 has been released

vsnijders just announced version 0.9.28 of Lazarus on

The major changes are as follows:

In this major release, the IDE has many source editor improvements like display
of “double width” fonts (such as Eastern, Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic), better
code folding, highlighting, syncro editing, and persistent blocks. The debugger
has assembler windows, easier exception handling, and breakpoint properties. The
LCL now uses GTK2 as the default widgetset on Linux and BSD and includes the
TMonitor class for multi-monitor support. Refactoring of LCL reduced the minimum
size of executables by about 15%. The support of TFrame support has improved, so
you can visually nest designers in the IDE.

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