Default transaction in a #php application

By default, the transactions are IBASE_WAIT, so it waits until the record is no longer edited. You have to start a transaction with the IBASE_NOWAIT option to get an immediate response in a deadlock situation.

One example is a php application waiting for desktop app (administration tool) to finish the transaction

When I try to update a record that’s edited in a desktop app or IBexpert, and there is a deadlock, ibase_execute just hangs, does not return any value nor raises an exception.

Converting a #MySQL database to Firebird Part1 (from Lamp to Flaps)

Milan Babuskov wrote on his blog about his first steps in moving one host from Mysql to Firebird

I have a heavy-used website powered by LAMP stack (CentOS Linux,
Apache 2, MySQL and PHP). It started on a shared hosting so I had to
use MySQL. Year and a half later, I switched shared, virtual hosting
and not run it on a dedicated server. I decided to try Firebird to see
how it performs and also how it compares to MySQL in RAM usage, disk
usage, etc.

The Gift of CakePhp 1.2 final

Today, the history of the CakePHP grows stronger. December 25, 2008 will be remembered as one of the most important points in this history. After exactly 2 yrs from the first development release, we can happily say we have the most stable and powerful web framework available. Please enjoy our big present to you, CakePHP 1.2 stable

After you have installed it you can create applications with Firebird just like the Blog example (follow the comments for firebird tips)

You can follow an Firebird+Nginx tutorial