Spiceworks – Firebird + Php database driven RAD

An interesting RAD for Firebird and PHP with screenshots

If you are looking for a RAD tool for PHP & you love the Firebird database engine then perhaps you would consider supporting us in the endeavours of this project.

All your PHP source code resides in a Firebird database and can be used across multiple projects. In fact this website is running on the Spiceworks engine. If you want a complex development tool or a simple CMS system then Spiceworks will probably suite your needs. Best of all it runs in your favourite browser. We intend to support Firefox, IE & Safari.

Cooking With Firebird and Apache – Do The FLAP way

An interesting pdf paper about Firebird and Apache+PHP

Spiceware Software wants to give as much support for the development of the Firebird Database Engine as possible, to this end we decided to dedicate our resources in helping with the documentation side of the project. Currently we are busy with a document on how to setup Apache, PHP & Firebird together for development on Windows and Linux. The document is linked below for you to download. Feel free to report errors.

Top 4 Free Embedded Databases

I need an embedded database for my next project. During the last few days I’ve done a lot of virtual leg-work researching and comparing the various alternatives, trawling through documentation and forums. The results are below. Hopefully, if you’re ever in the same situation, this list will make your life a bit easier.

FLAP ( Firebird+Linux+Apache+PHPerl) is rather an operating platform than an application.

Linux can be of any common Linux distributions, but I prefer CentOS 5, and Firebird RDBMS is FirebirdSS 2.1.1 for Linux.

Since there are too many applications, really too many, to run on FLAP, it is impossible to list them all, or even impossible to list most of
them here, I just list the most commonly used FLAP applications here. If you are running any other FLAP applications, it would be a great
honour for me if I could have them listed/linked here.

New IBProvider allows comprehensive work in Unicode applications, enhanced work with NONE encoding, and supports charset markers.

New IBProvider v. RC3

  • All the detected problems that prevented comprehensive work with Firebird and Interbase from UNICODE applications have been eliminated.
  • Supports charset markers in SQL queries.
  • Supports exclusions processing when working with Interbase and Firebird via ADODB.
  • Supports working with database object names containing national symbols for connections with NONE charset.
  • Enhanced work with metadata schemes when working with database via NONE charset.
  • Advanced testing allowed detection and elimination of errors.
  • ISO8859_15 charset support.

Please read details on the Firebird driver homepage.

People Around Firebird – Daniel Albuschat

Today i have discovered this little gem on github , It’s an Asynchronous database-access for Qt and Firebird

So in this post i open an series of interviews or introductions with people around firebird

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