Database Workbench Pro 3.4 released

Ladies, gentlemen,

Upscene Productions is proud to announce the next version of the popular database development tool: Database Workbench Pro 3.4

Changes Highlights in 3.4
– NexusDB v3 support
– Extended Firebird 2.1 support
– New diagramming related features and enhancements
– Many enhancements and bug fixes…

Download a trial at:
Full list of features and fixes: click here

A new tool to import data into Firebird has released XMLWizard, a new tool used to import data into Firebird databases. It supports XML, CSV and fixed-width textual files. XML import has some unique features like support for nested XML files and loading data from XML properties.

Beside importing, the tool can be used to compare the data from file against the database and cherry-pick the changes manually. More info, and a demo video can be found at XMLWizard website.

IBProvider Release Candidate 4

New release candidate of IBProvider Professional Edition has appeared. Is the modern driver for access to 16 versions of the Firebrd and Interbase servers.

Improved support of DDEX (Data Designer Extensibility) when working with Firebird and Interbase

IBProvider RC4 has the new option of stored procedures calling in Visual Studio 2008 style via ODBC escape sequences. This innovation allows to create queries and TableAdapters based on stored procedures.

Optimized working with named parameters in SQL query text

  • Fewer limitations for multiple use of same named parameter in SQL query text
  • New algorithm for choosing named parameter data type.
  • Some errors of named parameters procession detected via profound testing by exhaustive method have been eliminated.

Metadata schemes and column descriptions (IColumnsRowset) support user encoding

Metadata schemes and IColumnRowset interface now consider user charset . This allows working with metadata in set encoding.

What comes next?

Spiceworks – Firebird + Php database driven RAD

An interesting RAD for Firebird and PHP with screenshots

If you are looking for a RAD tool for PHP & you love the Firebird database engine then perhaps you would consider supporting us in the endeavours of this project.

All your PHP source code resides in a Firebird database and can be used across multiple projects. In fact this website is running on the Spiceworks engine. If you want a complex development tool or a simple CMS system then Spiceworks will probably suite your needs. Best of all it runs in your favourite browser. We intend to support Firefox, IE & Safari.

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