Export a Firebird database to CSV, JSON or other formats is a Open Source project to export a Firebird database, show a summary of the database table names, field names, field data types, and index columns. Optionally extract and save table data to a directory, in CSV/JSON (or potentially in any other format), as well any other binary files from blobs.

A subset of the tables and fields can be specified (in python) and the number of records returned can be limited for testing purposes. Output data can be combined or into one or saved in individual files named after the tables.

FBExport 1.70 released

FBExport is an open source command-line tool for exporting and importing data from Firebird databases. It features:

  • export and import data from Firebird databases
  • export to comma separated values (CSV) format
  • export as INSERT statements
  • use exported data as input for DML statements
  • cross platform – works on Windows and Linux
  • works with all Firebird versions (tested 1.0 – 2.1)

Here are the changes in version 1.70:

  • Slash character is no longer removed when loading statements from file
  • Username and password are read from ISC_USER and ISC_PASSWORD enviroment variables if available
  • Added header with column names to CSV export
  • Fixed bug with copying data on Windows

Download the latest version while it’s fresh ­čÖé