Firebird Django and the Future : FDB pure python driver , Django 1.4.x , Python 3.x support

Maximiliano Robaina wrote on the firebird django group some words and questions about the future of the driver :

My ideas for future organization are:

  1. Update de google repository with the last django-firebird version with support for django 1.4. It will be the last update in this sense.
  2. From here, the next oficial repository will be at github
  3. The version on github will use fdb in place of kinterbasdb

The point 3 is the most important to discuss because it means the total drop of firebird 1.5.x support.

I have added to the group the notes for installing django 1.4.x firebird driver on ubuntu

ps: bonus for using the FDB driver is python 3.x support out of the box , that means we can start testing django 1.5 on python 3.x

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