Firebird database-corruption and what you can do about it

There are usually only two reasons why a database can be corrupted in Firebird: 1) You copied the fdb-file while the Server was accessing it and 2) You don’t have forced writes enabled and the server shut down unexpectedly (e.g. power-outage)

Database recovery is done in four steps. Here’s how you do it:

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  • hmm, how many interesting things…

    1. never do backup on the broken database without -g option. Otherwise, during backup server will initiate garbage collection, and backup can fail, if version chains are broken.

    2. never use -c -r options both. This is oxymoron, and if you specify database name the same as existing, you will loose it (by -r option). Also -r do not work anymore in Firebird 2.x.

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