Firebird 3 by default in LibreOffice 5.4 (Base)

Lots of missing features & big bugs were fixed recently .
All of the blockers that were initially mentioned on tracking bug are now fixed.

Lionel mentioned that he added a few more blockers that needs to be fixed until Firebird will be switched by default in LibreOffice Base :

I went over

and added a few open bugs to the blocker bug

based on their description (and NEW instead of UNCONFIRMED status)
only, without reading the bug log in great detail.

Tamás Bunth (Wastack) agreed that 6 months time frame is more than enough to fix bugs that will appear

I agree, it would be reasonable to wait a half year. Until that we can
fix the already found and the upcoming bugs, solve the backward
incompatibility. Even if those can be solved quickly we can upgrade to
the c++ API.

Another issue is importing old hsqldb databases without java installed

It requires making a read-only parser for the HSQLDB “cached” table
data format in another language than Java. Most definitely possible,
the format may even be better documented than “read the source code”.

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