Helen’s talk in Australia

From Malcon Groves blog (Borland): ADUG Symposium in Melbourne and Adelaide

The Australian Delphi Users Group have been holding yearly Symposia since 1999 (I remember as I had to catch an early flight back from the first one to get married the next day), and the lineup just gets better every year. This year it’ll be in Melbourne and Adelaide, and the sessions include:

* How to implement Plug-ins in .NET – Glenn Stephens
* Sweet-talking Firebird with Delphi – Helen Borrie
* Component Development in Delphi/VCL – Glenn Crouch
* Delphi.Net on Linux using Mono – Emlyn ORegan

I’ll be there talking about Devco and the future of Delphi, but to be honest I’m also excited just to sit in the audience for the day and listen to some really smart developers. Also, anyone who is doing anything with Interbase or Firebird needs to attend just to listen to Helen, she literally wrote the book on Firebird.

Firebird Conference 2006, Prague, Nov. 12-14

Pavel Cisar has discovered a new venue for the 2006 conference in Prague–a new 4-star hotel, Andels, which is located very close to downtown, just across the river, room tariff from 99 EUR/night. We have a firm booking. We will be calling for papers very soon so please watch for that.

Anyone wanting to be on the Firebird-conference mailing list, who’s not on it already, please contact the Secretary (helebor -AT- iinet dot net dot au) using the email address you want to use for the list subscription.

FDD will have 3 international speakers

The 3rd Firebird Developers Day Brazilian conference will count with the presence of Holger Klemt (IBExpert), Alexey Kovyazin (IBSurgeon/IBDeveloper magazine) and Ann Harrison (IBPhoenix) as international speakers (along with many Brazilian speakers).

FDD can be a great oportunity for South American people to have contact with great names of the Firebird community, specially if they don’t want to spent a lot of money going to the International Conference (in Prague/Czech Republic).

The conference will take place in Piracicaba-SP, at 29 July (whole day).

FB Japanese user group

Seems like it may be related to the FB Japanese user group. Sometimes, a few people from it post in the lists.

Here is the English version of that page and they had 2 presentations at Open source conference 2006 Tokyo : one is “Why to choose Firebird” the other is “How to build/debug Firebird”. [Ed:thanks for the link Cludio V.]

SourceForge.net Community Choice Awards – Thank you for all voters

The results are in, and the voters have spoken. We’ve just tallied the
results for the 2006 SourceForge.net Community Choice Awards. The
results are impressive–more than 212,000 of you came to voice your
support for the projects nominated. Winners will be announced at the
Slashdot Lounge in the .ORG Pavilion at LinuxWorld Expo, Boston, on
April 5, and the complete list of winners will be posted on
SourceForge.net on April 6.

Meanwhile, you can view the complete list of nominees and read more
about the awards at:


20GB of video data available, with around 100 hours of firebird related presentations from Firebird Conference

There is currently about 20GB of video data available, with around 100 hours of firebird-related presentations from last two Firebird Conferences and other events.

Here is the list of available Films

Firebird Developers Day – Call for sponsors

The third edition of the conference will happen on July 29th, 2006 at UNIMEP (in Brazil). The expected audience size this year is from 500 to 750 people. This is mostly a portuguese-speakers conference, and an unique chance to reach directly hundreds of potential customers. Paying your sponsorship until 31/March you get 20% discount! Contact fdd.at.firebase.com.br to get the conference mediakit with all the information, including sponsorship plans and prices.

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