Firebird Final V2.0 Released

The Firebird Project yesterday evening officially released the much-anticipated Version 2.0 of the Firebird relational database during the opening session of the fourth international Firebird conference. This release brings a large collection of long-awaited enhancements that significantly improve performance, functionality, security and international language support.
It was announced at the Firebird Conference in Prague, Czech Republic

Russian Firebird Conference pictures

The first Russian Firebird and InterBase Conference was due in October 14th, 2006, and organized by, a well-known Firebird/InterBase company in Russia.

The conference gathered about 190 participants and 35 sponsors and speakers. It was an one day conference with 17 sessions, talking about Firebird 2.0, Firebird 2.1, InterBase 2007, Fyracle, FIBPlus, FastReport, IBProvider, IB/FB Developer’s Studio, different aspects of using Firebird and InterBase (performance optimization, database repair…), experience in creating billing and other systems.

In the intervals between sessions, people were able to talk with Firebird developers and other specialists close to Firebird and Interbase technologies.

Conference was a success, and we can expect the 2nd edition for the next year.

You can check pictures here (use Babelfish if you want to translated the pictures subtitles).

DevCo sponsoring Prague conference

Today the sponsors of the Prague Firebird conference were announced.
The list includes the soon to be spun out “Developer Tool Group” at
Borland, a.k.a. DevCo.

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