Improved remote protocol

From Dmitry Yemanov – The remote protocol has been slightly improved to perform better in slow networks. In order to achieve this, more advanced packets batching is now performed, also there are some buffer transmission optimizations. In a real world test scenario, these changes showed about 50% less API roundtrips, thus causing about 40% less TCP roundtrips. Hopefully, this is an improvement some our users could benefit from (mostly it should affect over-the-internet database access).

This work has been committed into the HEAD branch to be included into the next Firebird version. Further protocol improvements are also planned.

Spring sale: 25% discount on database tools at Upscene

Upscene Productions announces a Spring Sale with 25% discount on all database developer tools!

Currently available from Upscene Productions:

Database Workbench
A multi-database engine development IDE, currently supporting Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, InterBase, Firebird, MySQL and NexusDB.

IB LogManager Suite
An auditing/logging suite for InterBase & Firebird.

MSSQL LogManager Suite
An auditing/logging suite for Microsoft SQL Server.

ADS LogManager Suite
An auditing/logging suite for Advantage Database.

NDB LogManager Suite
An auditing/logging suite for NexusDB.

Advanced Data Generator
A comprehensive test data generator tool with support for ADO/ODBC connectivity or specialized versions for InterBase, Firebird or MySQL.

InterXpress for Firebird
A dbExpress driver for Firebird supporting Delphi 6 – 2006 and Kylix 3.

When purchasing, enter coupon code SPRINGSALE2006 to get your discount.

More information about Upscene Productions products at

New SQL functions

From Dmitry Yemanov – Implementation of a new aggregate function LIST has been committed into the HEAD branch. It’s one of the remaining changes that weren’t ported from the Yaffil codebase yet. There are other built-in functions to port, they will be discussed in firebird-devel later this week.

IBPhoenix Share Issue

Since IBPhoenix is a UK Ltd company – it has a right to issue shares to potential investors in the company, I have been contemplating this for quite a while, and wondered if there would be any interest out there for Firebird users, companies etc that would like to become shareholders in IBPhoenix? There are a number of reasons for thinking about this…

CVS repository

If you want a fresh copy of firebird but can’t because the problem of
the anonymous CVS, you can download the whole FB CVS tree at:

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