Conquering Olympus… The road to phpbb 3.0 Beta1

Meik “Acyd Burn” Sievertsen, phpBB’s Development Team Leader has just announced that the bug tracker for phpBB3 née Olympus is now open

Supported DBMS

Though developed using MySQL, the wonders of a DBAL means phpBB Olympus already supports a wide number of databases:
* Firebird (firebird) – Firebird 1.5+/Interbase 7.1+

IB LogManager and IBO Global DML Caching flash movie

if you are using IBObjects as your connectivity suite, then you might be interested in the following:

We’ve uploaded a flash movie on how to build up an IBO application using Global DML Caching with the help of our product IB LogManager. Watch the wrap!

BDNTV recent aditions

There are two new InterBase presentations from the lastest Borland conference available for online watching:

First one is about new security features of InterBase.
Second one is about the usage of ADO.Net in Delphi 2006 with InterBase. Of course, almost all the info there can be applied to Firebird, since we have a Firebird .Net Provider!

Thanks Alexey for the links.

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