IBX 2.4.3 is now available for download

MWA Software is pleased to announce the release of version 2.4.3 of IBX for Lazarus. This version rolls together recent bug fixes and is also necessary for compilation with the fixes3_2 branch of the Free Pascal Compiler. The latest FPC fixes branch has added additional elements to TFieldType. Earlier versions of IBX will not compile with this update to TFieldType. You must upgrade to IBX 2.4.3 in order to use the latest version of FPC.

IBX 2.4.3 and the underlying Firebird Pascal API now include support for Firebird scrollable cursors. However, due to a limitation in Firebird (there is no wire protocol implementation for scrollable cursors) this feature is only available for local database connections.

It is available for download from


Docker Firebird Base image is now on based on Debian bullseye for 2.5-ss, 2.5-sc, 3.0 and 4.0

Docker Firebird Base image is now based on Debian bullseye for 2.5-ss, 2.5-sc, 3.0 and 4.0 branches.

This required a script to replace the libicu supplied by bullseye with the preferred one for the relevant firebird versions. If for some reason you do get a Collation unicode for character set utf8 is not installed error you can use gfix -icu <database> to correct the issue as of firebird 3.0.

Both 2.5 branches are now included as well. Unfortunately the gfix -icu <database> option is not available for 2.5 so instead I have opted to add tags for v2.5.9-sc-jessie and v2.5.9-ss-jessie If you find your setup works with the jessie tags but not the newer v2.5.9-sc or v2.5.9-ss tags please switch back to the jessie tags and open an issue to let me know. This will probably be the last major update for v2.5 as version 2.5 has been discontinued for 2 years now.


New version of RedExpert 2021.10 is available


  1. Autocomplete in query editor (not all tables were displayed in the list)
  2. Syntax highlighting
  3. Wrong table name after editing the trigger
  4. Hiding system packages for version prior to 3
  5. Connection cancellation
  6. Displaying an error while fetching ResultSet
  7. Parsing errors in the trace manager
  8. Slow work of the grant manager
  9. Inability to undo domain selection
  10. Inability to add a column to a table if cursor is outside the fields area (while table creating).
  11. Reloading objects in the tree after changing
  12. Jump to an object from the dependency tree
  13. Formatting of generated SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE queries


  1. A name of constrained is generated immediately when the form is opened


  1. Display foreign key data while editing a table
  2. Context menu in “Set NULL” table
  3. A tab with object privileges
  4. System generators in the object tree
  5. Updating objects when they are changed in the query editor
  6. An update button for system tables

Download and install the new version.

New FireBase responsive site

This is only for Portuguese speakers:

O novo site da FireBase entrou no ar essa semana! Totalmente responsivo, com visual moderno e novo logotipo, oferece uma experiência muito melhor para os visitantes usando celulares ou tablets.

Aproveitamos a oportunidade para passar um pente fino nos downloads, removendo os links inválidos.

Acessem o nov site e confiram, e caso ainda não esteja cadastrado, faça seu cadastro e marque a opção para receber nosso newsletter bimestral.

Carlos H. Cantu
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