People Around Firebird – John W Higgins

I spotted his interesting projects or forks on github
ED:i saw that you forked fb ruby library could you tell me a few notes on how you use it in sequel orm i want to add an post on if you want so also an small intro would be nice

wishdev said :

I basically just wrote an adapter for Sequel which uses the Fb driver to work with Firebird. The fork was necessary mostly to fix an issue with using the RETURNING clause to get back sequence generated primary keys.

As for any intro with respect to myself – I’m the type that keeps his head down in the gopher hole for the most part. I didn’t do a huge amount of work because the Sequel ORM is so well written it was easy to build a Firebird driver.

If you need/want any more info please feel free to ask 🙂

John W Higgins