PowerConsole 0.7 is released

I’m happy to announce the public release of PowerConsole v0.7.

What is PowerConsole
In short, PowerConsole is enhanced python interpreter that can host user defined commands. Uses pyparsing-based grammars for user commands to translate them into python calls, so it has limited support for mixing them with Python code.

work, booksnakes and a side dish of cherries

Another happy Firebird and Python user and programmer

For more than a year I’m employed by a company called Smantics Kommunikationsmanagement GmbH as a Python developer. The company offers multiple services related to communcation and its management in our modern world. Most of the time I’m working on the server part of a software stack called Visual Library.

The heart of the Visual Library software stack is a Python driven web application server. It’s built on top of CherryPy framework and driven by a Firebird database. The server utilizes a cornucopia of open source third party packages as well as commercial and proprietary software. The most noticable Python packages are lxml for XML and XSL(T), reportlab for PDF creation, Cython for optimization / library bindings and PyLucene for full text search.

fbsql: Clean client-libraries for Firebird and Interbase databases

I’ve written this quite some time ago (and it didn’t receive much love since then, but it’s functional and should be bug-free), but I just noticed I haven’t mentioned it on my blog: fbsql is a clean C-API that can be used to create bindings for other languages (such as Python or Ruby). It’s much simpler to use than the raw Interbase/Firebird API and it uses IBPP internally. So it’s basically just forwarding the function calls to IBPP and abstracting the IBPP classes to a C interface that is straight forward and intuitive.

FLAP ( Firebird+Linux+Apache+PHPerl) is rather an operating platform than an application.

Linux can be of any common Linux distributions, but I prefer CentOS 5, and Firebird RDBMS is FirebirdSS 2.1.1 for Linux.

Since there are too many applications, really too many, to run on FLAP, it is impossible to list them all, or even impossible to list most of
them here, I just list the most commonly used FLAP applications here. If you are running any other FLAP applications, it would be a great
honour for me if I could have them listed/linked here.

Two simple Python scripts showing how to connect to Firebird using wxPython.

Below are two simple Python scripts (not involving dabo) just showing how to connect to Firebird and do a simple task using wxPython.


(1) The first script lets the user go into the File menu and select a Firebird database, and then it displays (do-nothing) buttons in a wxPython Sizer object down the left side of the window, one for each table (and view) in the database.

(2) The second script is hard-coded to open a particular Firebird database and display a particular table in a grid. (Before running, you will need to go into this script and change the hard-coded sections so they are appropriate for your system. You’ll need to change the host and database parameters and the SQL statement – and maybe also the user and password parameters. Look for the lines preceded by a comment starting with ###.)

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