Firebird django backend call for testing help and progress

The call for an extra hand for testing people who are python/django experts the code is already in svn :

I’m Maximiliano Robaina (maxirobaina) and I’m working on the django-firebird backend implementation. The original google project, started by Ivan Illarionov, was deprecated because he hasn’t any time to port it to django 1.x
The django db backend has many changes, therefore, the Ivan version don’t work any more.
For this, I upload my django-firebird version which is compatible with django 1.1 beta-1., Firebird 1.5 and Firebird 2.x
The next step (for me) is to replace the svn version with my code and reorganize the repository (I will need some help for it)

Are you interested in continuing to participate on this?

If the answer is yes, plase contact to me to coordinate.


In an related blog to new django backend release from the nagami blog :
Once, I wrote Django firebird backend
But it is not good work on Django subversion trunk today. (Target is moving !)
So I catch it up. ( Thanks Maxi )
I hope it works on Django 1.1 release.

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