Firebird Python Driver KInterbasDB 3.3 Released

Source and binary distributions for Windows are ready for download at

Completely reworked and extended documentation is also available
on-line at

There Are no binary Linux packages of
KInterbasDB, only Windows ones, because you can easily install
KInterbasDB on Linux from source package by using: python build
and install commands (Python version of make; make install). Everything
what you need for successful source install is GCC and Firebird

See this page for details .

SQLAlchemy 0.5.0 Released

The first official release of the 0.5 series is now available. This version packs a huge amount of change since 0.4 including multiple paradigm shifts in usage as well as countless bugfixes and behavioral and speed improvements. Through a series of prereleases, 0.5 is already on production systems and has been extensively tested by dozens of users. With the first 0.5 release, 0.6 is underway as well and will be where Py3k support is targeted. SQLAlchemy 0.5 is available for download on the download page. A comprehensive migration document is at 05Migration.

There is at least one firebird-specific change:

  • Added support for returning values from inserts (2.0+ only), updates and deletes (2.1+ only).

Progress on kinterbasdb 3.3 – xmas present

The initial version of kinterbasdb v3.3 was committed to subversion
. It’s basically v3.3 by David Rushby + fixes to v3.2 line we
made to make it work with FB 2.1. Source tarball and windows binaries
for fb 2.x & python 2.5/2.6 for testing should be available soon. Now
I’m working on documentation as this version introduces some important
new functionality (above all support for multiple transactions per
connection). I’ll also check the transliteration issue. If everything
would go smoothly, you can expect the final release before Christmas 😉

best regards
Pavel Cisar

Pure Python Firebird Library

On Firebird Python mailing list there is an interesting thread about rewriting Firebird Python Driver

Here is Pavel response

Firebird-Python and Character set issues – From Bug/Post of the day dept

After a long interruption I’m back at Firebird and kinterbasdb and I’m
just also back at character set troubles, my favorite pastim

What is the current status of kinterbasdb?

As you may know, the KInterbasDB project is without maintainer, and
because Firebird project depends on it (for QA and other things), we
have to do something to ensure it’s bright future. I have considered the
option to take over this project, but at the end we decided to fork it
under Firebird Project for next reasons:

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