Two simple Python scripts showing how to connect to Firebird using wxPython.

Below are two simple Python scripts (not involving dabo) just showing how to connect to Firebird and do a simple task using wxPython.

(1) The first script lets the user go into the File menu and select a Firebird database, and then it displays (do-nothing) buttons in a wxPython Sizer object down the left side of the window, one for each table (and view) in the database.

(2) The second script is hard-coded to open a particular Firebird database and display a particular table in a grid. (Before running, you will need to go into this script and change the hard-coded sections so they are appropriate for your system. You’ll need to change the host and database parameters and the SQL statement – and maybe also the user and password parameters. Look for the lines preceded by a comment starting with ###.)

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