Delphi, Firebird, IBObjects and Transaction Management

I recently had reason to revisit transaction management in our application. The application makes extensive use of data aware grids (TDBGrid) and, as I am sure everyone is aware, it is impossible to explicitly manage transactions when you are displaying data in a grid.

Fortunately, IBObjects provides the means to automatically clean up transactions left hanging by TDBGrid. Unfortunately, this isn’t as well documented or as straightforward as I would like. So, after much research using the programmer’s secret weapon (Google) and a few questions posted to the IBObjects support group (thanks Jason) I think I finally understand how it works.

#Delphi , #Lazarus : UIB 2.5 is optimized to fully exploit Firebird 2.5

There was no major release since a long time,but the project has always been maintained for 7 years now.
In honor of the new version of Firebird, I decided to release this new version of UIB in 2.5.
There have been many changes to support Unicode for Delphi 2009 to XE.
UIB is optimized to fully exploit Firebird 2.5.

ps: if you don’t know what UIB is ,  here is the description ( link)

current page for UIB is


The ZeosLib DBOs 6.1.5 – With Delphi 7 and Firebird 1.5

This little article shows how to access Firebird databases by using the ZEOS component Library in version 6.1.5 (including Patches 1&2) and how to use these components in database applications. It does not matter if you use the “real” SQL-Server or the embedded version which is restricted to local held databases. A couple of examples (also migrated Delphi-BDE demos) shall explain how to use the ZEOS components.

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