FLAP ( Firebird+Linux+Apache+PHPerl) is rather an operating platform than an application.

Linux can be of any common Linux distributions, but I prefer CentOS 5, and Firebird RDBMS is FirebirdSS 2.1.1 for Linux.

Since there are too many applications, really too many, to run on FLAP, it is impossible to list them all, or even impossible to list most of
them here, I just list the most commonly used FLAP applications here. If you are running any other FLAP applications, it would be a great
honour for me if I could have them listed/linked here.

Firebird 2.1 to be included in the top of most popular distributions

Firebird 2.1.x will be included in the top most popular linux distributions

firebird suse maintainer wanted

We have a firebird (the opensource SQL database) package in the
server:database buildservice project
Unfortunately, this package isn’t maintained since some time, which is a
pity, because the server:database repository is offered as a community
repository in YaST and is advertised as the “Latest updates for database
software including Firebird and MySQL”.

Firebird security bug fixed in gentoo linux

Firebird allows remote connections to the administrative account without verifying credentials.

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