firebird_fdw 1.3.0 released

firebird_fdw is now available as version 1.3.0.

This release provides following new features:

  • support for PostgreSQL 15
  • basic support for TRUNCATE (PostgreSQL 14 and later)
  • support for batch inserts via COPY (PostgreSQL 14 and later)

and some improvements for existing functionality:

  • improved mapping of PostgreSQL server encodings to Firebird
  • various fixes and improvements for IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA

This release requires Firebird API wrapper libfq version 0.5.0 or later.

For more details, see: firebird_fdw 1.3.0 released.

firebird_FDW 1.2.0 released

firebird_fdw, a foreign data wrapper for PostgreSQL providing read and write access to Firebird databases, is now available as version 1.2.0.

This release provides following new features:

  • support for PostgreSQL 13
  • support for generated columns (PostgreSQL 12 and later)
  • support for COPY and partition tuple routing (PostgreSQL 11 and later)
  • improved handling of case folding/identifier quoting
  • support for “implicit booleans”
  • pushdown of boolean tests in WHERE clauses (including implicit booleans)
  • following utility functions have been added:
    • firebird_fdw_server_options(servername TEXT): displays the current settings for the named server
    • firebird_version(): shows Firebird version information for each firebird_fdw foreign server in the current database
  • ERROR log messages will show any relevant Firebird query as a CONTEXT message

Following bugs have been fixed:

  • EXPLAIN for a remote modify now shows the Firebird query used
  • UPDATE statements where a BEFORE ROW UPDATE trigger is present now work correctly
  • CREATE SERVER‘s port option is now recognized
  • foreign tables defined as queries can no longer be set as updatable = 'true'

This release requires Firebird API wrapper libfq version 0.4.0 or later (latest version at the time of writing: 0.4.2)

firebird_fdw 1.2.0 is compatible with PostgreSQL versions 9.3 ~ 13. Note that support for PostgreSQL 9.2 has been removed in this release. It supports Firebird 2.5.x and Firebird 3.0.x.

Source code is available from the GitHub repository:

CentOS rpm packages are available via the Fedora Copr build system.

Firebird Foreign Data Wrapper update

After a long hiatus, I’ve finally found time to update firebird_fdw, which is now available as version 0.3.0.

This update, together with an update of the underlying Firebird API wrapper libfq to version 0.2.0, is a general cleanup/bugfix release, with improvements including:

  • support for PostgreSQL 9.6 and 10
  • support for IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA (PostgreSQL 9.5 and later)
  • automatic reconnection to Firebird
  • improved error message handling and display
  • improved memory handling and prevention of various unhandled situations which caused the PostgreSQL server to crash

Additionally, CentOS rpm packages are now available via the Fedora Copr build system.

This release has been developed and tested with Firebird 2.5. It will work with Firebird 3.0, but does not yet take advantage of any new features; future releases will hopefully address this.