Installing Perl DBI driver for Firebird RDBMS server

DBI driver for Firebird and RDBMS server is located in cpan
This was tested on ubuntu karmic with firebird 2.1 classic version installed (from repository)
also with perl module DBI aready installed
Check if firebird dev headers are installed (this package is both for Super and for Classic)
sudo apt-get install firebird2.1-dev

I have installed latest DBI
tar -zxvf DBI-1.609.tar.gz
cd DBI-1.609
perl Makefile.PL
sudo make install

Then install the Firebird driver
tar -zxvf DBD-InterBase-0.48.tar.gz
cd DBD-InterBase-0.48
perl Makefile.PL
make test (optional step)
make install

here is my actual console output

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