Good news everyone Firebird #Perl extension works with Strawberry

We tested Firebird perl extension and now it works with Strawberry perl (almost all the test do pass when installing the extension ) here are the steps described:

also the movie (ogv) (right click on link and save as)

Step 1 :Install firebird 2.5 run setup->next-next-next

Step 2 :Install strawberry perl

Step 3: Install flamerobin
Step 4: Download git snapshot of dbd firebird (choose the download button you can install GIT to clone dbd firebird if you want)
Step 5:compile extension
cd c:\mariuz-perl-dbd-interbase-*
(or where you downloaded the tar)
perl Makefile.PL
choose a good test db name like test
or  c:\strawberry.fdb
dmake install
Step 6 (optional): you can do the tests
create the db with flamerobin in
dmake test
Almost all test must pass (7 from 33 mostly)
That is all
Thanks Stefansbv for patches and the fork 🙂
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