Firebird SQL’s backup/restore uses magic words for stdin and stdout – Check the gbak manual update

After An interesting read.

Norman Dunbar updated the gbak manual with the following:

A section on the use of stdin and stdout “file names” and how to clone
a database – on the same server – using a pipe and these “file names” to
avoid the use of a temporary intermediate dump file.

A section on carrying out remote backups and restores using the above
as well as an ssh session. This allows a remote database to be cloned to
a local server, a local database to be cloned to a remote server and a
remote database to be cloned to (another) remote server.

Further updates to document the use of the stdin and stdout file names in backups and restores. A section has been added to Gbak Caveats giving more in depth detail about these two special file names.

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