Firebird builds on both ARM and ARMEL

From this table you can see that firebird builds on both ARM and ARMEL ( ARMEL is just ARM with some hardware extras.) and here is the buildlog

If you use debian then you can download from here

Quote from linux tiny mailing list about the ARM market share

According to

Arm shipped the processors in 250 million “smart phones” in 2006 (83%
market share in that niche).

According to ARM Inc. quarterly results for Q1 2007:

In the first quarter of 2007, the licensees of ARM Inc. shipped 724 million
ARM processors.
In one quarter. (ARM Inc. collected $45 million in license
fees, which is an average of 6.2 cents/processor.)

In a May 23 2006 presentation to ARM investors, ARM Inc. estimated its 2006
market share at 80-90% of the cell phone market, but only 21% of the larger
market. (The embedded world is big, folks.)

Drew highlighted five key growth areas for ARM between now and 2010…

[The first four are] set-top-box, high-definition television and DVD systems,
solid-state and hard disk drive storage, automotive electronics and 32-bit
microcontrollers. In these areas in 2006, ARM had market shares of 14, 20,
5 and 13 percent respectively… They are also market sectors that will
represent a total available annual market of nearly a billion cores or more
each in 2010. The biggest annual market opportunities are likely to be
automotive and 32-bit microcontrollers at 2.0 billion and 1.9 billion cores

ARM’s fifth key target market is the smart phone, where it is already
enjoying success. In this area the company shipped 250 million units in 2006
and has a market share of 83 percent, according to its own estimates.

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