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  • I’m replaying in case some one googles this.
    I’m maintaining a new project called rubyfb based on the FireRuby
    bundled with activerecord adapter (the original firebird_adapter with LOTS of fixes). I’m using it flawlessly in production
    environment (activerecord-2.3.5 and Firebird-2.1.3). If someone is
    interested the project page is http://rubyforge.org/projects/rubyfb/


  • Yes, I am aware of the fb/fb_adapter projects, but there are some major differences:
    1. migrations support
    2. very important (for my projects at least) – output parameters support for statements like “execute procedure foo;” where procedure foo does not use susepend.
    Three years ago when I had to make my choice both projects were lacking the second feature so, I had to choose where to contribute. I have found FireRuby code much more clear and easy for me to read and understand, so I chose FireRuby/firebird_adapter.
    From my point of view I am not starting a new project (I’m using the code for years), but as the number of my servers is growing maintaining them with private homegrown gem is getting harder (no simple “gem install rubyfb” command), so I decided that it’s time to do a little more effort and publish the gems on rubygems.org

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