Firebird 2.0: Status Update

A few words to those interested in the v2.0 progress.

Currently we’re in the process of preparing the Beta 2 release. The CVS tree has been tagged a week ago, now the Release Notes are being updated. The binaries should be packaged soon. We did intend to release it earlier, but there were a few hard-to-track issues found in the codebase, so we had to solve them first. Also the final v1.5.3 release has been done at the same time. These are the reasons of the delay.

If nothing critical is reported in the near future, I expect that the next official build will be Release Candidate 1. We still have bugs reported quite regularly, but neither of recent bugreports mention database corruptions or server crashes, so it appears we can consider the codebase stable enough.

Please note that Release Candidate builds are intended to fix regressions only, there will be almost no old bugs fixed during this stage. Starting with RC1, our developers will switch their attention to the Vulcan merge and new features/improvements.

— Dmitry Yemanov

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