It's Open Season

Information Week writes: “After Oracle bought the Finnish owner of InnoDB, MySQL talked with Sleepycat about using Berkeley DB. Thanks to the Sleepycat deal, MySQL is back talking with Oracle about renewing its InnoDB license. MySQL has other options, says Zack Urlocker, VP of marketing, including tapping another open-source database or developing its own high-speed backup engine.”

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That will be interesting: Marten Mikos is on record as being against software patents and MySQL AB is a big sponsor of the European “no software patents” movement.

Jim Starkey on the other hand is on record defending software patents and has applied for patents on several of his creations. Presumably, Marten acquired those patents as well.

It will be interesting to see how MySQL will license out those patents, considering their earlier opposition to the very concept of software patents.

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What's behind Oracle's open source buys?

SearchOpenSource has an interview with Douglas Levin, CEO of Waltham. Levin has been working behind the scenes with prospective open source vendor buyers and sellers. “I think that Oracle will make other acquisitions through the year, to get into new markets, acquire new customers and acquire technologies that enable them to leverage new technologies in their installed customer base.

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Compiere to try Derby

Compiere will try to port its ERP suite to Derby. Currently database choice is limited to Oracle and Fyracle (Oracle-mode Firebird). Earlier attempts to port to Postgres and Sybase were effectively abandoned. It will be interesting to see if Derby joins the list of working ports towards the end of this year.

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Domino theory: DB2 will get free express version

Heisse Online reports that IBM will release a free (gratis) version of DB2 Express this month. The authors says that it is from a reliable, verified source in IBM. It worked like this: Firebird forced MS to release a free SQLServer (MSDE, later renamed Express) to compete in VB/Delphi space, Oracle had to match with the release of SQLServer2005 and now DB2 has to match Oracle. Isn't it amazing how a determined community can make giants jump?

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Gardner: SAS leads BI market

Business Objects, Cognos, Information Builders Inc., and SAS Institute are setting the standards in BI, according to Gartner's "Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms, 1Q06." The report cites SAS as having the most comprehensive BI platform in the industry. SAS, of course, is a Firebird user.

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