Jaybird 4.0.5 and 3.0.12 released

Jaybird 4.0.5 and 3.0.12 have been released. Jaybird 3.0.12 is the final release of Jaybird 3.

The following has been changed or fixed since Jaybird 4.0.4 and 3.0.11:

  • Fixed: JnaService implementation call to isc_service_query incorrectly includes type (jaybird#678)

Jaybird 4.0.5
Jaybird 4 supports Firebird 2.5 and higher, on Java 7, 8, 11, and 17 (support for Java 17 using the Java 11 version of the driver). See also:

Jaybird 3.0.12
Jaybird 3 supports Firebird 2.0 and higher, on Java 7, 8, 11, and 17. Basic Java 9 and higher compatibility is provided through the Java 8 version of the driver.

With the release of 3.0.12, Jaybird 3 is now end-of-life, and we recommend upgrading to Jaybird 4.

See also:

Release of EFCore Provider for IBProvider

Hello All!

We have a great New Year’s gift for everyone who uses IBProvider to work with Firebird.

This is the provider for Entity Framework Core v6.0 — Lcpi.EFCore.LcpiOleDb!

We tried to make it as good as possible.

And most importantly — we opened its source code!

So you can make it even better 🙂

Target platform

  • NET6 (Windows)
  • Entity Framework Core v6.0
  • Firebird v3.0.8
  • LCPI ADO.NET Provider for OLE DB
  • LCPI.IBProvider v5

Key Features

  • Supporting of databases with 1 and 3 dialects.
  • Supporting of all FB3 datatypes, except arrays.
  • Providing a local evaluation by server’s rules.
  • Supporting mapping wide set of C# functions to SQL.
  • Providing extensions for nullable value types.


Thanks to our users and special thanks to Jeff Hampton who initiated this development process.

Thanks to the EFCore developers and special thanks to Andriy Svyryd.

Thanks to the developers npgsql/efcore.pg and FirebirdSQL/NETProvider.


This news on our website: https://www.ibprovider.com/eng/news/n_211220-lcpi_efcore_lcpioledb.html

KR, IBProvider Team.

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